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Texas Bug Spray

Texas Bug Spray

From Brooks:

Saw this truck in a parking lot outside my doctor’s office in Bedford, TX.

It took a moment to realize that the “Prius Repellent” sign on the truck was situated over the truck’s muffler.

Have a good one.

Bumper Sticker - Bedford TX - Prius Repellent


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Typical brain-dead, drooling truuuuck driver. I hope they enjoy asthma and funding foreign oil sheikhs.

Actually, Prius is a pretty good car. Well built and gets good gas mileage.

    OrgunCon in reply to platypus. | September 13, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    It seems like a fine car from what I’ve read and heard, it just appears not worth the cost in the long term. Namely, in batteries and smug factor. We all know it leads to people smelling their own farts.

    Time will tell if the various expenses are worth the gas savings.

Now if it said Volt Repellent, it would have been right on the money (in my view).

LOL!! Your responses are funnier than the decal. Tell the truth, don’t make me guess; which one of you is Al Gore? LOL!

Pretty much what a truck owner in Texas would put on his truck. They ain’t too bright down there, are they?

Just jealous because he’s in Texas? You ought to be!

Platy, have you ever driven one? If your idea of a good car is a golf cart with air conditioning then I might be able to agree. A sixty year old VW has more get up and go, they have little or no insulation to save weight so road and wind noise is atrocious. Not to mention there are several gas or diesel small cars that actually get better mileage. The VW diesel gets over 50 mpg and costs less and will last longer too. Why bother.

Disclaimer : my daily driver has 500 HP and averages 12 MPG so obviously mileage and economy are not of much interest to me. Fell free to flame away.

@speedmerchant. Yeah, who cares about the future of the world’s climate over the next 100 years. Destruction of shorelines, increase of extreme weather, mass migration of populations from coastal cities worldwide. Whatever. Gotta keep my suburban assault vehicle to get stuff from Wal Mart, buy more guns and go to church.