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Term you will not hear about Atlanta kidnapping perp: Illegal Alien

Term you will not hear about Atlanta kidnapping perp: Illegal Alien

Why was this person not deported after his involvement in drug trafficking was known?

The Associated Press and numerous other media outlets have banned the terms “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” after a relentless campaign by immigration activists who illogically claimed the terms were racist, and who want to soften the reality of crime committed by people in the country illegally.

The recent kidnapping and rescue of a teenager in Atlanta demonstrates how the media is wording around the term, and diminishing the facts by making it unclear if the perpetrator was in the country illegally.

One of the perpetrators was Juan Alberto Contreras-Ramirez, who uses the alias Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez.  He has a prior drug arrest in the United States which was dismissed by a court because of the failure to obtain a search warrant.  He stayed in the country after that prior arrest.

An important fact relevant to the story is whether he was here illegally.  That would raise questions as to why he wasn’t deported after his involvment in drug trafficking was known.

Here is some of the terminology used to describe Contreras-Ramirez, which discloses that ICE is involved, but is completely vague as to the nature of the immigration problem (emphasis added):

  • AP via ABC News: “… Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national, was arrested on immigration-related charges.”
  • NY Daily News: Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a Mexican national …. Contreras-Rodriguez is being held on immigration-related charges for the time being ….”
  • NBC News:  “Contreras-Rodriguez is a Mexican national arrested on immigration-related charges by federal Homeland Security investigators …”
  • CBS News: “The FBI said in a news conference Wednesday that Rodriguez is being held on immigration-related charges…”
  • Atlanta-Journal Constitution: “Contreras-Rodriguez, authorities said, is being held on federal immigration charges.”
  • Fox News: “Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national who is being held on immigration-related charges…”
  • USA Today: “The police chief also said Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, 40, a Mexican national, was arrested on immigration-related charges.”

Juan Alberto Contreras-Ramirez

Okay, he’s a “Mexican national” and is being held on unspecified “immigration” issues.  We can all guess that he’s here illegally, but why should we have to guess?

I spoke this afternoon with the Public Information Officer for the Atlanta ICE office, Vincent Picard, who confirmed that Contreras-Ramirez is being held by ICE for “being in the country illegally.”

See, that wasn’t hard.  The perp is an illegal alien.

That’s relevant to the story, but it’s a term you will not hear in the mainstream media.


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Term you might hear the Administration use: “The Sequester made me do it!”

Doing the crimes…, wait, our thugs are doing them too, but sometimes ours go to jail for more than 6 months.

WALLS: Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican, 3rd-world, Spanish speaking, criminal illegal alien craphole was arrested on immigration charges, and deserves to be shot.

There, fixed it.

2nd Ammendment Mother | September 19, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Identifying him as a “Mexican National” is also misleading. At least where I live, a “Mexican National” is an individual who is a citizen of Mexico and is temporarily living/working/going to college in the United States with a properly issued Visa or other immigration document issued for that purpose.

ILLEGALS = still doing the “jobs” most Americans won’t do.

Actually, we should be more precise in our language. A person who has entered the country without following immigration policy has not broken any criminal law. They have broken procedure, but not law. They are still entitled to an immigration hearing and a judge may allow them to stay in the country or order that they be deported. If one has been deported and returns without following procedure, THEN they are “illegal”. In other words, one is not illegally here until a judge rules that they are. So someone who has never been ordered deported before who is here without following procedure is not technically an “illegal alien”. There is no criminal penalty that I am aware of for being discovered here without having gone through procedure unless you have been previously ordered out of the country.

Call them “foreign invaders” instead.

This is not directly related to the ‘Mexican national” comment but I would like to add that when I first heard of the Amber Alert issued in this instance I immediately knew that this story would end up being bogus or at least much more complicated than just a random home invasion that went wrong. As each new piece of information surfaced it became more and more obvious that something was wrong with the story. We will continue to hear more oddities as the story unravels over the next few days unless the media just drops the story entirely.

    platypus in reply to Baker. | September 19, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    This is how they collect drug debts in Mexico. They snatch a family member and hold that person until the drug debt is paid. If the debt isn’t paid within a certain period of time, they write the debt off. And whack the kidnapped person, and dump the body on the front lawn of the person who owed the debt.

    Then it’s back to business as usual.


      Mother linked to Georgia teen’s suspected kidnappers

      After digging into both men’s criminal background, Channel 2 Action News learned there was a connection between one of the men arrested and Ayvani’s mother, Maria Corral.

      ICE agents confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that Rodriguez was arrested in December 2012 in Henry County under the name of Juan Aberto Contreras-Ramirez, and was charged with trafficking marijuana.

      Channel 2’s Erica Byfield confirmed that Ayvani’s mother was also arrested in that same incident.

      Drug agents said they found 500 pounds of marijuana in the Henry County home where Rodriguez and Ayvani’s mother were arrested.


yeah, try to keep up. if you call somebody who enters the country in violation of federal law an ‘illegal immigrant’ then you are RAAAAACCCIIIIST.

of course, many of those very people are members of an organization named ‘La Raza’ which translates from spanish to english as ‘The Race’

go figure

“illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” or “uninvited visitor” or…

Who cares, really? Some have a problem with it, some do not. Time will sort this out regardless of whether or not so many people on both sides of the [stupid] issue freak out over it.

SNAP! Oh no they didn’t!!!

Spitting on Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims
Katie Pavlich | Sep 19, 2013

This is just another example of why politically correct speech is evil. Truth is invariably sacrificed when we yield to persons or groups with an agenda to find in-offensive truthful words to be offensive.

The Orwellian effect on our language!

But look here. The first words you see are the “Mexican-Hispanic” was here illegally. And, was in the trade of selling drugs. So he runs fast. And, usually avoids da’ law.

Kidnapping a kid, however, tipped the balance.

It also pushed this story UP in da’ news. Where after you shovel away the propaganda BS, you realize that this case wasn’t solved by the local yokels.

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to Carol Herman. | September 20, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Someone should have let them know that murdering your customers, kidnapping young girls and in general calling negative attention to yourself is not a very good business model.

Illegal aliens have more rights than Republicans and Conservatives. Nobody is allowed to speak the truth about illegal aliens.

These news outlets get a memo each day (or more often) telling them what phrases to use. They obey like the little lemmingsthey are. They have no credibility whatsoever.

Anyone who is in this country without authorazation is an illegal person. Isn’t illegal the direct opposite of legal? If a person is not legal then he must be illegal. Right? I get so tired of PC. It’s mostly stupid.

I’m confused, so help me out here. Why can’t someone just drive this person out to some remote area and put him in a hole?

Oh, yeah; because he might be a Republican waiting to come forward. I keep forgetting…silly me.

I think what we can conclude from this is that illegal aliens will bring their culture of kidnapping for revenue generation to this country — just like it is in every central and south American country. Wonderful.

In the future I demand that all LI commenters stop referring to me as a ‘citizen’, a term I find offensive, demeaning, and racist. From now you shall refer to me as a documented resident.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Henry Hawkins. | September 20, 2013 at 10:27 am

    (If you enjoy going to lib sites and engaging in, ahem, substantive debate, do like I do and constantly demand they use politically correct terms you make up on the spot).

And then the media wonder why nobody trusts them and their revenue keeps going down.

The US news media, save for Fox News, has been completely corrupted, and now functions solely as a propaganda machine for the leftist-most element of the democrat party.

We ought to just say it: the democrat party is the communist party.