The Associated Press and numerous other media outlets have banned the terms “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” after a relentless campaign by immigration activists who illogically claimed the terms were racist, and who want to soften the reality of crime committed by people in the country illegally.

The recent kidnapping and rescue of a teenager in Atlanta demonstrates how the media is wording around the term, and diminishing the facts by making it unclear if the perpetrator was in the country illegally.

One of the perpetrators was Juan Alberto Contreras-Ramirez, who uses the alias Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez.  He has a prior drug arrest in the United States which was dismissed by a court because of the failure to obtain a search warrant.  He stayed in the country after that prior arrest.

An important fact relevant to the story is whether he was here illegally.  That would raise questions as to why he wasn’t deported after his involvment in drug trafficking was known.

Here is some of the terminology used to describe Contreras-Ramirez, which discloses that ICE is involved, but is completely vague as to the nature of the immigration problem (emphasis added):

  • AP via ABC News: “… Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national, was arrested on immigration-related charges.”
  • NY Daily News: Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a Mexican national …. Contreras-Rodriguez is being held on immigration-related charges for the time being ….”
  • NBC News:  “Contreras-Rodriguez is a Mexican national arrested on immigration-related charges by federal Homeland Security investigators …”
  • CBS News: “The FBI said in a news conference Wednesday that Rodriguez is being held on immigration-related charges…”
  • Atlanta-Journal Constitution: “Contreras-Rodriguez, authorities said, is being held on federal immigration charges.”
  • Fox News: “Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national who is being held on immigration-related charges…”
  • USA Today: “The police chief also said Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, 40, a Mexican national, was arrested on immigration-related charges.”

Juan Alberto Contreras-Ramirez

Okay, he’s a “Mexican national” and is being held on unspecified “immigration” issues.  We can all guess that he’s here illegally, but why should we have to guess?

I spoke this afternoon with the Public Information Officer for the Atlanta ICE office, Vincent Picard, who confirmed that Contreras-Ramirez is being held by ICE for “being in the country illegally.”

See, that wasn’t hard.  The perp is an illegal alien.

That’s relevant to the story, but it’s a term you will not hear in the mainstream media.


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