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Syria submits chemical weapons inventory to watchdog, but we don’t know what’s in it yet

Syria submits chemical weapons inventory to watchdog, but we don’t know what’s in it yet

Syria has reportedly turned over information outlining its weapons program to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

From the Associated Press:

Syria has sent the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons an “initial declaration” outlining its weapons program, the organization said Friday.

Spokesman Michael Luhan told The Associated Press that the declaration is “being reviewed by our verification division.” The organization will not release details of what is in the declaration.

The OPCW, which polices the treaty outlawing chemical weapons, is looking at ways to fast-track moves to secure and destroy Syria’s arsenal of poison gas and nerve agents as well as its production facilities.

The Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons, which was published on September 14th, indeed required an inventory of Syria’s chemical weapons within one week of the announced plan.

The United States and the Russian Federation expect Syria to submit, within a week, a comprehensive listing, including names, types, and quantities of its chemical weapons agents, types of munitions, and location and form of storage, production, and research and development facilities.

(Of course, the US State Department the other day backed off that one week timeline).

Russian president Vladimir Putin said yesterday that he can’t guarantee Syria will give up its chemical weapons or that Syria will stick entirely to the agreed upon plan, saying, “Up to now everything looks as if Syria completely agreed with our plan.… But I can’t say whether we will manage to complete the process by 100%,” according to the LA Times.

As the AP indicates, things aren’t necessarily moving so quickly otherwise.

However, diplomatic efforts to speed up the process are moving slowly. A meeting initially scheduled for Sunday at which the organization’s 41-nation executive council was to have discussed a U.S.-Russian plan to swiftly rid Syria of chemical weapons was postponed Friday and no new date was immediately set. No reason was given for the postponement.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s actually included in Syria’s “initial declaration.”


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In related news, Al-Qaeda has worn out its welcome from the FSA.

There’s probably a deal here, among the actual Syrians, IF they can rid themselves of the Islamist chaos-makers.

The minute the US and the International Community® announce that Assad’s chemical weapons are safely in hand, Assad will fire off a couple, declaring he couldn’t have fired them because he doesn’t have any according to the US and the International Community®.

We don’t belong there!

“Al-Kay-Duh” is a sunni movement, right out of the house of saud!

There isn’t a Mideast country where we haven’t been bombing bullies. And, when we put boots on the ground, in Afghanistan and Irak, we lost American lives. And, American treasure. Plus, in Afgahnistan, we built the poppy farmers 8-lane highways, making getting their ‘prodcut’ into world wide markets that much easier.

Assad IS Syria’s leader! (Gaddafi WAS Libya’s leader.) We have no rights at all in taking out other countries governments. It’s not most Americans. It’s just a few bullies in DC. And, all the lobbyists, too. Who make obscene amounts of money selling into all this “complex” horseshit.

    Phillep Harding in reply to Carol Herman. | September 22, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    We could go in on the side of some good guy moslems (pause for sarcastic laughter), but if they won, they would have to renounce any ties with the US and join in attacking US interests, or sending terrorists to hit continental US targets.

Once again, I’m of a mind to just sit back and let allah sort it all out.

Assad has turned over a complete list of all the Chemical Weapons that he is not shipping to Hezbollah.