The threat of possible military action, as attenuated as Congressional authorization now seems, has led to what may be the endgame.

John Kerry floated the idea of Syria turning over its chemical weapons or else, the Russians seized on the idea, and Syria in principle has accepted it:

It may very well be that Assad merely is buying time, and never will turn over anything to anyone, particularly if there is some other condition attached, such as a war crimes tribunal which puts Assad and his senior military at risk.

But this type of deal gets Obama and Assad out of a jam.

Which is why it has a chance of being the endgame as to Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Updates: The White House is bumbling over whether it was a U.S. “offer” or not, but it still is the most likely solution, in my estimation, because the other choice may be Obama acting without Congressional authorization:

With the Cloture vote taking place Wednesday, and the prospects even in the Senate looking bleak, this may be Obama’s only way out.


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