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that’s what they all say.

From J,

“Subaru Rebel”

On a Subaru with Virginia plates.

Bumper Sticker - Virginia - Subaru


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I believe him. I used to drive a Subaru, too.

I drive Subaru’s because I need cheap AWD in the winter to get up my 300 yd driveway. But, as one of his caller’s once said, I’m about two clicks to the right of Rushbo.

Let me be clear:

We have two Subarus in the family and we definitely are NOT Liberals.

As I state elsewhere “Second most hated classification by Liberals: Gun-toting,tan, libertarian university professor!”

My wife likes the way the wheels “think” in the severe thunderstorms we get down here in Florida.

I owned a VW Bug in college too…because it was cheap and easy to maintain.

But call me a Liberal…them’s fightin’ words…

Most of this “aura” comes from the fact that Subaru went to great lengths to woo the gay market, particularly lesbians, starting in the mid nineties.

Still holds true at my institution…..

I have two Subarus and I love them. If you maintain them, they last forever and their AWD system is perfect for mountain roads in the winter. When driving in areas that rarely see a snow plow, the jeeps come out but for regular driving, Subaru is the first choice.

I have a Subaru Outback. I love it. It get’s me to my shooting ranges out in the Arizona desert no matter what the weather is and carries a good number of firearms and my complete shooting range set up.
I have four bumper stickers.
an NRA sticker.
The Gadsden flag.
“My other auto is a .45”
and last but not least:
“Enough is enough vote Libertarian.”
Hardly liberal.