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State of Confusion

State of Confusion

From Bill:

Obviously confused

Full of “poop” and voting for Obama does make sense tho.

From St Pete, FL.

Bumper Sticker - St. Petersburg - Poop


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PersonFromPorlock | September 14, 2013 at 9:45 am

I’m always a little amused at many conservatives’ conviction that career military members are natural conservatives, after they’ve spent a successful twenty years or more wholly immersed in a state-run culture. The military is the one form of the welfare state where you don’t run out of other people’s money.

It’s not Obama. If anything he’s playing with all the old timers that have been in DC for a very long time!

Take ObamaCare. It took both houses of congress to pass. And, it involves willing republicans.

If you really were dealing “just with Obama” you could roll back everything he’s done.

Today’s Snowden “dump” shows that Al-Ki-Duh is one in every five CIA hires, because they’re fluent in arabic.

Today, also, has a headline that the FBI was behind “TOR” … which was a site that grabbed ID’s off of anyone who linked to it. While the guy who paid for the servers is being accused of “child porn.” No bail for him.

The government likes the new way it does business. It can collect information on anyone. No warrants involved.

We’re never going back to the way we were.

And, Romney’s Bain CEO is heading into Obama’s administration, I think to “host” the Energy Department.