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Something to smile about on last day of federal gubmint

Something to smile about on last day of federal gubmint

From Bill in Orange County, CA:

Not political, just funny.

Or at least I thought so.

Seen on the way into work this morning.

“Actual Size”

Bumper Sticker - Orange County CA - Mini Actual Size


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TrooperJohnSmith | September 30, 2013 at 7:46 am

The original, British-made Mini was even smaller.

The Democrats may find that once there is a government shutdown people will find they can get along without their government.

If Gobmint shuts down let’s start a new republic in Texas & do another Louisiana Purchase. The rest of the country will have to fly around us and not over us. (Alaska can join us, too).

Just think of the oil pipelines, not to mention all our freedoms flowing.

Driving to church yesterday in Raleigh, NC, I saw a bumper sticker that said “Republicans for Voldemort.” I couldn’t get a photo because I was driving. I had to look it up online later to understand what was intended. Basically, all people should avoid a car with such a sticker because the driver is a fool.

…on last day of federal gubmint


Is this part of that “Hope & Change” thingy?

‘Mini Cali we aren’t big, just smarter’, terrific motto for the two Cali Counties that want to secede and form the State of Jefferson

Yes, Trooper John Smith. I saw a 60’s version of the Mini about the 2nd year the modern version was out. Couldn’t believe how much smaller the original was.

To tell you the through I couldn’t believe anyone older than 10 would’ve been able to fit in an original Mini

    Check out “1965 Peel” to see the very least of the small cars. (‘ultimate’ seemed the wrong word).
    Top Gear featured one a couple of years ago. Jeremy Clarkson drove in right up to and inside the BBC headquarters building and motored on up to his office. The shots of it going past staffers at working at their desks were priceless.

I like shape of the VW Bug better. When I run over one in my F350, my coffee doesn’t spill; the Mini’s are a little bumpier.