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Putin pulls Obama out of a fire, Obama supporters credit Obama

Putin pulls Obama out of a fire, Obama supporters credit Obama

We accept!

Putin gets his deal, Obama gets his out, Assad gets away with it. Syria says it accepts Russian chemical arms proposal:

The Syrian government has accepted a Russian proposal to turn over its chemical weapons to international control to avoid a military confrontation with the United States, Syria’s foreign minister said Tuesday. “Yesterday [Monday] we held a round of very fruitful negotiations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and he put forward an initiative regarding chemical weapons. Already in the evening we accepted Russia’s initiative,” Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said after meeting with the speaker of the Russian parliament. Muallem said Damascus accepted the Russian initiative to “derail the U.S. aggression.” The report was initially carried by the Russian news agency Interfax. Meanwhile, Lavrov said that Russia is now working with Syria to prepare a detailed plan of action, which will be presented shortly.

From the claws of defeat and humiliation, Obama is claiming victory (h/t JWF):

There is a kernel of truth in Axelrod’s triumphalism — but just a kernel. The way this was handled was a complete embarrassment and near-disaster, saved only by Vladimir Putin.

The end also isn’t clear. Will this be words, just words, or will Syria actually turn over the chemical weapons?

And it’s hard to see this as punishment for Assad. He got away with mass murder, literally.

Putin comes across as the world leader. Obama and the U.S. come across as laughing stocks.

Update: Even Obama accolytes see it for what it is:

(added) And then there’s this:


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I cannot shake the feeling that this is all about public relations. In the end, Russia and Syria will pledge to do one thing but actually do something else. They will be kind of like the Obama administration in that regard.

Spin they much, but, on the global stage, Obama has proven himself a weak and foolish liar who respects neither his country nor its government

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Juba Doobai!. | September 10, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Let me add to this.

    What Putin has done is change the terms of the debate; in so doing, he makes obama and the USA look war mongering and foolish.

    What was the threat to bomb Syria about? Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against his people. What has Assad agreed to and Obama accepted? Turning over chemical weapons. What did Obama say? That’s acceptable. What happens to Assad? Nothing.

    What about the dead? Well, we don’t know who killed them, but Putin has shifted the game from the dead to the weapons. IOW, it would be as if Iran turned over its nukes without having nuked anybody.

    Y’all notice how Kerry is blabbering on and on as though he thinks he’s the POTUS? This guy is living out a fantasy and enjoying the sound of his voice.

Preview of Obama’s speech tonight:

Every time I read a Tweet by Axlerod it reminds me of the first couple of lines from the late 60’s hit by Tommy Roe, “Dizzy”.

“I’m so dizzy my head is sprinning, Like a whirlpool it never ends”

So now, I would expect that the UN will see if the chemical weapons they find, match what was left behind in the gassed area. Then Obama will follow up and announce the results.

Sorry, I must be sleepwalking.

Well, I watched MSNBC this morning (curious, I was, to how they were going to spin the importance of Obama’s epic speech tonight, which is now null and void)-

Chuck Todd was still calling it the “Putin Plan”

Later, Jay Carney was on, and said no, it was the Obama/Putin plan, as they had been working “closely” on this specific plan for weeks.

Following that statement of fact, one of the guests asked Carney for specifics–what are the mechanics of this plan?

Carney answered they haven’t worked out any details yet.

Meaning, Obama has been working closely with Putin for weeks to have Putin announce a plan that makes Obama look like an incompetent idiot.

Lucky us: Putin now runs our foreign policy. Perhaps it was actually Putin who told Obama: “I will have much more flexibility after your election.”

I can’t wait for Barry’s next red line — perhaps for Iran’s nuclear bomb — so that we can be told what policy/response Putin will direct us to have.

Who woulda thunk that Barry was a mole for Putin (as opposed to the Mullahs).

What Axlerod is saying, is that when Obama issued his “red line”, it was not taken seriously…by anybody.

Let’s wait to see what happens. Putin may do a better job of running our foreign policy than Obama/Kerry.

Some of us tried to tell the rest that Obama was not even qualified to get coffee for Bill Clinton and now it has been publicly demonstrated on the world stage for all to see. This will not be spun away by the inside the beltway spinmeister cadre.

My President is a clown.

I am tired of fantasyland politicians, their followers, friends and lackeys.

Total victory for Obama. His redline forced Assad’s hand and Kerry’s brilliant Metternich-ian “gaffe” opened the door for a third-party solution. Obama graciously allows Putin to take much of the credit and averts highly unpopular military action. Obama’s steely cunning is beyond the comprehension of lesser beings.

The Narrative rules. LIVs will swallow it whole. No Republican will challenge it.

Onward Amnesty!

So here comes a totally racist and race-baiting question:

Can anyone name me two countries that have been successfully led by a Black man or woman, where the lives of its people have improved significantly?

So why expect any better for the USA if it is led by a totally incompetent community organizing poseur president?

    Ah, c’mon! You know Barack is the greatest! Europe was *so impressed* they gave him a Nobel after 2-weeks in office. Jamie Fox publicly called him ‘our Lord, God, and Savior’.

    With accolades like that, how can there be any doubt?

    Juba Doobai! in reply to mackykam. | September 10, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Senegal. Barbados. Trinidad and Tobago. Uganda. There are others. Troll the Caribbean but leave out the Communists.

    Part of the problem with your very interesting question (which is something I, too, have pondered) is you duck out on the race angle wrt Obama.

    The other more important part of the problem is the issue has nothing much to do with race but with political ideology, which you point to by noting “community organizer”. Where the guys are capitalist, the countries thrive. Where the guys are Marxist-Leninist, they become oppssive and impoverish their people. These guys are usually well educated and quite intelligent (Obama is not very well educated in anything but Alinskyism, BTW), but, especially in Africa, they get drunk on power and enriching themselves

    So, it’s not that Obama is black; it’s that he’s an incompetent Marxist Communist boob and black Democrats politicians generally tend to be like that, and, like their fellow Marxists around the world, they generally tend to be corrupt.

    I didn’t mean to give you a down vote. iPad, finger hit, bam, there ya go!

The use of poison gas is an emotional issue. On the battlefield it is more of a problem than an effective agent. The described use in Syria does not make sense except for the rebels and gas has been used extensively in the area for about 50 years. So why the sudden interest? We are told children were killed, note that when Dems begin talking about children, something is up.

Then Kerry makes a statement that was clearly a mistake and the whole issue goes into Putin’s court and he slam dunks it. The issue is solved, right? No, there is something else going on here. I think that Obama saw an opportunity to put away the Assad regime, he could give a damn about children, otherwise he would invade Chicago. I feel that Obama engineered the Arab Spring in North Africa and is in the process of turning the area over to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has now extended the disorder and regime change to Syria and the Mid-east. This is not in our interest.

So Putin/Assad reestablish themselves in the region, with years of “today you can inspect here, but not there” rhetoric.

But at least we aren’t led into again supporting Obama’s pals the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama Doctrine (could Charlie Gibson cynically quiz Hillary or Kerry on that?) appears to turn over hard fought Middle East gains to the MB or Taliban, in an effort to make Muslims feel better about themselves. It is top secret whether that pushing Israel into the sea is part of that plan.

Obama and the media can try to spin this as victory, but I don’t think the public is swallowing. Instead the spinners look more blatantly buffoonish, even to the LIV.

Obama can add this to his long list of “phony scandals”, as he continues to sell unpopular amnesty, unpopular gun control, unpopular Obamacare, amidst labor participation rates not seen since Carter. Now where is the red line for Iran’s nukes?

Yes, Putin comes out of this looking very good. Putin has put Obama in his place. Morality aside, Putin outclasses Obama in every dimension. The world knows that our president is way, way out of his league and the president’s advisers are just not credible people. The only people who do not see this are Obama’s domestic supporters who are shielded from reality by the media. All that matters to them is that nothing happens outside the US to interfere with the “bread and circuses” domestic agenda.

It will be great to see that charmer Hans Blix again.


I didn’t do any ducking. Had I, I would never have posed that question.

Idi Amin was great for Uganda, wasn’t he? Trinidad-Tobago? Why does it seem there are more in NYC than in the islands. Isn’t Senegal where they have local pirates, posing as fisherman, attacking international shipping? And aren’t foreign tourists advised not to venture away from the hotel beaches on Barbados for fear of coming to harm?

I am glad to see you didn’t include Mandela’s South Africa in the list, home of the flaming necklace.

    I thought the flaming necklace came from Haiti. Their President Jean-Bertrand Aristide once called it “a beautiful thing”. (He was a democratically elected dictator, the sort of thing that endeared him to the liberal intelligentsia. Sorta like Morsi in was in Egypt).

    Juba Doobai! in reply to mackykam. | September 10, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I am glad to see you didn’t include Mandela’s South Africa in the list, home of the flaming necklace.

    Mackykam, who is the current president of Uganda? When was Idi Amin thrown out? By referencing Amin, you help prove my point. Amin was a Marxist Muslim, and he’s currently residing in Saudi Arabia, FYI.

    Trinidad and Tobago has great oil and gas wealth which has been used over several decades to provide infrastructure, join with the USA in fighting the drug runners, and jobs which help the people who want to emigrate do so at their own expense. Caribbean people, unlike Americans (because this country is very large), are very outward looking; they like to know if “the ground is as hard/a cherry is as red/a yard is as long” in other countries as it is in theirs. Wherever there is dry land, you will find Caribbeans, especially Trinis. Your statement about the number of Trinis in New York proves what? Straw man.

    Let’s not confuse Senegal and Somalia, dear boy/girl. Senegal is on the west coast of Africa; Somalia is on the east coast, the horn of Africa. The Senegalese have had one of the stablest governments in Africa. Somalia has pirates who attack international shipping.

    Barbados? You raise another straw man, mackykam. Bajans have a stable government and economy, and neither average tourists, number 1 golfers, nor British royalty have any problems there. Barbados is not Miami.

    Really, you disappoint me, mackykam. I would’ve thought you’d’ve been able to mount a response/rebuttal without raising strawmen and displaying weak knowledge of geography.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to Juba Doobai!. | September 10, 2013 at 1:10 pm

      One last thing, mackykam, the South African government is run and led by Marxists, which is why that country has been going to hell in a handbasket, like Zimbabwe.

      (the top two lines are a copy of mackykam’s text which I forgot to delete.)

more flexibility for the russians.

“If POTUS hadn’t threatened credible military response…”

Careful there Axisrod. If you claim the threat was credible aren’t you implying that you planned to act in spite of Congress?

I told you…the lapdogs will be telling us how Obama dominated Putin. He’s just so intimidating, that Putin had no choice, but to make a deal with Assad. Once again, the Great Leader of America saves the day!

The low info crowd will swoon.

We will upchuck…

Trust and Verify becomes “WE ACCEPT!” instead.

Peace in our Time, isn’t in wonderful!

I swear to God I live in an insane Asylum with the inmates running the show.

David Axelrod’s tweet strikes me as desperate.

What will be the price when the rat of a brat has to pay the piper for pulling his posterior from the fire? Putin does nothing for free. There is a cost. What will it be?

Chris Muir nails it, again.

“Get Smart” diplomacy, indeed.

Twitter’s language-twisting, 140-character limit unfairly makes David Axelrod seem like a buffoon.

Axelrod unabridged:

“If POTUS hadn’t threatened credible, ‘UNBELIEVABLY SMALL’ military response, does anyone believe Russia and Syria would be coming forward now?”


I’m not only up on my geography but I can also tell you that Freedom House, an NGO, has downgraded Senegal to partially free government; there are troubles with Muslim insurgents. I stand by my comments about Senegalese pirates. And if I’m not mistaken, and I may be, there was a news report in the US media (trust after verification),on the situation about 6-7 years ago.

And please don’t “dear boy me.” Your not English and I’m not black.

MY Bad!
Should read, don’t “dear boy me. ” You’re not English and I’m not black.


Axelrod tweets:

At behest of POTUS, Kerry to ad-lib threat of “Even Smaller, perhaps unnoticeable ‘unbelievably small’ military action” if Russia and Syria fail to follow through on Obama admin foreign policy blunder bailout.

Putin had his fingers crossed … but the free world already took the bait. Now Putin says no UN oversight, and US must sanctify Assad (or something like that).

Next he will have Obama sing and dance, since that is how Obama got elected. Obama will be doing the soft shoe tonight. Just how much more flexible can Obama get, now that the election is over? He will contort himself into more knots tonight.

Obama has no time for this, he is busy watching the IRS and EPA attack the Tea Party and those damn frackers.

Let me see if I have this right.
obama says Assad gassed almost 1500 men, women and children.
So he was going to bomb Assad and take him out.
Now, Assad just has to say “sorry”, take my weapons and he’s not tried as a murderer? The country was more worked up over trayvon than the gassing of Syrians.
Will that defense also work in the U.S. in criminal trials?
“Sorry your honor, I was having a bad hair day and went crazy with my guns. Here, you take them, inspect my house and I’ll continue killing everyone from there more conventionally.”