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Obama Press Statement Shutdown

Basically what was expected.  The 2012 election was about Obamacare, he won, we lost, it’s done, move on.  The election was about Obamacare?  Actually, it was about everything except Obamacare:

Tweet - Legal Insurrection - Obama speech election about Obamacare

Update: This National Review post lists all the things that do not get shut, and it’s quite a long list, Not Actually a Shutdown.

While you are waiting, be assured that the Shutdown is not really a full shutdown.  For examples, the federal courts will be operating as usual tomorrow:

Mass Court Announcement re Shutdown 9-30-2014

A reader writes:

As usual, we let the left win the argument when we allow them define the terms. If you control the language, controlling the argument is an easy task. It’s too late to educate the public on this point before tomorrows “shut down” but if we get through this there may be time to redefine what happens when the government supposedly shuts down.

If anyone has a link to all the things that will NOT be shut down, please post in comments.


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