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Obama passes the buck, this time to the world

Obama passes the buck, this time to the world

Obama passes the buck again, this time to the world:

My credibility is not on the line — the international community’s credibility is on the line…The world set a red line when governments representing 98 percent of the world’s population said the use of chemical weapons are abhorrent and passed a treaty forbidding their use even when countries are engaged in war.

But the international community doesn’t really care about its treaty or its credibility. Or rather, it “cares”—words will be spoken, but words are not acts, and the Chemical Weapons Convention (the treaty Obama appears to be referencing) contains no means of enforcement against non-signatories such as Syria, much less military enforcement.

We can go back to that recurrent question: does Obama actually believe the case to be otherwise, or is he just saying it for face-saving effect? I believe the answer is: both of the above. One of Obama’s guiding principles is internationalism, and his understanding of the international community seems to have stopped at the level he achieved as a Columbia undergraduate.

The international community is composed of nations, and only sometimes do a bunch of those nations of the international community come together on something and act. To Obama, considering the self-interest of the US is a foreign notion. But foreign nations consider their own self-interest first and foremost, and it’s not at all clear that Obama gets that concept.


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President Petulant.

I don’t know who’s more incompetent, Barry or Kerry. The gigolo let loose today that the Syria action is at the behest of Saudi Arabia. They’ll pay for it!! I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that.

It seems that B. Hussein has been doing the bidding of the Saudis all along. He still bows to them. It’s about Islam, oil, and money, though not in that order.

More Saudi: after the bombing here in Boston, there was a Saudi “person of interest” in the hospital that got put on the DHS terrorist watch list. He got visited by Michelle. He then disappeared.

Obama, Hagel, Kerry = Larry, Moe, Curly

I was tied up in an all day business thing, away from TV, radio, etc., and caught up on today’s events all at once. Man, lol. I’m embarrassed for our whole damn government.

-Top level government principals contradicting each other and even themselves.

-Dem controlled Senate comte rushes a vote after a few hours’ discussion – on whether to go to war!

-Obama & Friends talking horseshit about a nonexistent international community – an invisible scapegoat! ‘Tis genius!

-Obama droning about this invisible scapegoat even after being abandoned by the UK, UN, NATO, Russia, the Arab League, etc., etc.

-Obama denying his videotaped red line threat.

-Obama trying to dump all responsibility on congress.

-Obama saying he doesn’t have a credibility problem – but America does! (What is he president of again???)

One of these days… maybe, possibly… Obama will either (a) tell the truth, or (b) accept responsibility for himself, and our country and the world will be dumbstruck, frozen with eyes bugging and mouths agape, completely flummoxed and unsure how to proceed, how to process the totally alien event.

Oh, another one! On Fox News, Brett Baier was interviewing Obama’s Chief Foreign Security Advisor Something Guy Who’s Name I Forget and asks him about what happens to the chemical weapons if the attack lets the largely al-Qaeda rebel forces take Assad out? Obama’s mouthpiece’s answer? He said they had obtained a ‘written compact’ from the rebels promising that if they win, they’ll call in an international group to take charge of the WMDs. No, really! He and Obama’s staff actually think it’s OK to risk al-Qaeda taking possession of Assad’s nerve gas weapons because they wrote us a note promising not to! Well, color me reassured!

Hollywood couldn’t write this stuff. Hell, Swift, Twain, and Wilde couldn’t write satire this good.

When Bush was President, anything wrong that was done was Bush’s fault.

With Obama, anything he does wrong is America’s fault.

It seemed crazy at first when some said it, but now it is clear that this President has contempt for his own country.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 4, 2013 at 8:11 pm

I’ve been reading a lot the past few days, so I can’t tell you where I read what I’m about to say. But it’s been reported that several members from Obama’s campaign/communications team met at the White House over the weekend. The names I remember for sure are Stephanie Cutter, Anita Dunn, and Robert Gibb.

Anyway, the point is that the “pass the buck” strategy referenced in this post seems to reflect the communication strategy devised by that braintrust. Democrats are experts at staying on message. Pelosi was the first to say the red line wasn’t Obama’s but the international community. And she made that reference after the braintrust met to decide how to spin the mess Obama created.

Obama is such a F A H.

how pathetic. if he was my child I would thrash his butt… if he was my dog I would rub his nose in the pile of shyte that is his performance as POTUS.

is anyone NOT embarrassed to have this clown in the whitehouse?

Q: ‘Did you or did you not say ‘there was a red line that can not be crossed’ ?

A: ‘Which shade of red are you asking about, specifically ? There are many shades of red, you know. Like the red racists that want to stop black people from voting. I’d like to talk about that for a while…’.

President Thebuckstopsoverthere

No, the Delegator in Chief’s credibility is not at risk. In order to risk something, you must first have some of it in the first place.

You have to ask yourself…

Why on earth did Obama bring this decision to Congress?
It’s not like he’s looked for bi-partisan support for anything else in the last 6 years.
He’s more about shoving crap down our throats!

So…. Will Obama’s campaign to bomb Syria result in more or less shame for him if Congress votes it down?

My cut at this is:
It’s Obama’s only sure way out of this mess. It takes the risk of looking bad off the table for him.
It’s classic CYA.
He never really wanted to bomb Syria… he was bluffing.
If Congress votes yes, than it’s Congress’s fault that we bomb Syria and it all goes bad.
If Congress votes no, then Obama is off the hook… Democracy has spoken. Congress can be blamed for the bad outcome no matter what it is! If the outcome is positive then Obama looks good for going to Congress.

By pushing this decision on Congress, Obama is distancing himself from the decision to bomb Syria, and any negative fall-out.

With this political ploy, Obama is simply leading from behind, again.

“What? Red line? No, that wasn’t me. I was just talking about somebody else’s line.”

Obama always tries to take the role of innocent bystander, as if he isn’t really the president but just some guy who sits in the oval office while events happen around him.

Then he acts surprised when others (especially the leaders of other countries) treat him exactly that way.

Bloody amateur.

This clown is wrapped so tightly in a democrat media diaper that he has lost touch with reality.