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Man to plead guilty in 2011 Anonymous cyberattack on Koch Industries

Man to plead guilty in 2011 Anonymous cyberattack on Koch Industries

A Missouri man will plead guilty for his role in connection with a 2011 series of cyberattacks on websites associated with Koch Industries that occurred during the recall protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

From the Smoking Gun:

In a plea agreement struck with Department of Justice lawyers, Christopher Sudlik acknowledged his role in early-2011 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on several Koch-related web sites. As part of the deal, a copy of which was filed this week in U.S. District Court, prosecutors have agreed to recommend that Sudlik be sentenced to two years probation on the misdemeanor charge.

Sudlik is actually the second individual charged in connection with the same attacks.  This past March, Eric Rosol of Black Creek, Wisconsin was charged with one count of conspiracy to damage a protected computer and one count of damaging a protected computer, for his role in the cyberattack on Koch Industries sites.

At the height of the Wisconsin Recall protests against Governor Scott Walker in early 2011, a faction of the Anonymous hacker collective launched a series of denial of service attacks on the websites of several products manufactured by Koch Industries, including that of Quilted Northern and Angel Soft toilet paper products.

Some supporters of Anonymous made a showing at the recall protests organized by labor unions and progressive activist groups.

But some Anons took exception at the time to the political nature of the operations being organized in their name.  As I wrote in March 2013 at Breitbart:

As the Wisconsin recall protests heated up, calls for support and participation in the #OpWisconsin/#OpKockBlock operation were posted on progressive political websites like DailyKos (in a previous post as “Magnanimous”).  However, as more participants with Anonymous began realizing that the operation was a political one, largely orchestrated by labor unions and political activists, elements of Anonymous became angry.  A rift developed, and one of the more prolific protest participants even had his/her Twitter account hacked and defaced by fellow Anons.

The result of that Anon on Anon attack can be seen at Ars Technica, in Chaos as Anonymous attacks toilet paper, Sweden, itself.

FBI agents were able to connect Sudlik to the 2011 attack on Koch Industries after an investigation aided by the company, according to the Smoking Gun.

Aided by Koch Industries, FBI agents connected Sudlik–who uses the online handle “The_Hatchet”–to the Angel Soft attack. When confronted by investigators, Sudlik admitted that he “intentionally participated” in the DDoS operation, according to the plea agreement. Additionally, Koch officials provided the FBI with Internet Relay Chat logs for the #opwisconsin channel that included “chat conversations involving “The_Hatchet” and the organization of the DDoS attack.”

An October 4th arraignment and plea hearing is scheduled for Sudlik in federal court in Wisconsin, where federal prosecutors are recommending a no-jail sentence and a ban on associating with Anonymous members or groups involved in “denial of service or other cyber-attacks.”

Rosol, the other individual earlier charged in the cyberattack, is expected to change his plea, after his attorney said he’d reached a resolution with the government.


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OKAY. A new “work order” for lawyerss! What will this case do, ahead? (Besides bring unwanted attention to N.S.A. And, how in political cohoots you can obtain information from the American government, that was illegally collected.)

Oh,you’re not staying current with what Glenn Greenwald publishes? You know he’s a lawyer, don’t cha? You know he got his law degree from NYU. Back in 1994. And, actually practiced US Constitutional Law before he became a writer and a journalist.

We can “thank” John Roberts for creating FISA. A secret court. Will judges he appoints. Who can gag ya.

Are you happy now?

You thought this whole mess would end up on Obama’s plate?

It didn’t start with Obama.

It started with 9/11’s jerky response by all 3 branches of government. They think if they find the right “name” … they can bamboozle ya out of your Constitutional rights.

I’m betting at the other side of this table.

I’m betting America has PATRIOTS! And, none of them are politicians.

Since Glenn Greenwald holds a law degree, I’m betting some American Patriots will be among law school graduates.

MouseTheLuckyDog | September 7, 2013 at 3:17 pm

Hmmm. This is an interesting result, when compared to the case of Aaron Swartz. These people admittedly, deliberately engaged in corporate/politcal espionage and damage.

Aaron Swartz, OTOH, was basically doing things he had basic permission to do albeit to e4xcess and even the plea he was threatened with included a felony and jail time.

    Aaron Swartz was a threat to the powers that be. This Anonymous cretin was acting in support of the powers that be.

    A not so subtle difference that explains the disparity in prosecutorial vigor.

Folks, it’s too late, now.

When the Brit’s took David Miranda into captivity for nine hours, as he was en route home … and in England just on a transit stopover … the LID BLEW OFF THE N.S.A. And, it’s British counterpart

Just like you can’t stick a fired Tomahawk back into the tube, you’re at a point, here, just like the day the Pentagon Papers were released back in 1971.

Today, how many years is it since 1971? How many years is it since Nixon had to resign?

Americans, for the most part, were unaware how the “patriot act” subverted our US Constitution. And, it took awhile for opinions to turn against Dubya … and his wars in irak. And, afghanistan.

But “turn” the stink did.

And, here, no one wants to mention the “secret courts” with their “gag orders” forbidding citizens from even being served by court orders.

You don’t see the problem?

Nope. You can’t blame it all on Obama. (I was glad he won his second term. Because I knew he was incompetent. And, the lid would fly off ALL the political misbehaviors.)


Maybe, on Tuesday night, for an added treat, as Obama talks he can hold up his hands making V signs … both left and right.

Maybe, he’ll start: “LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.”

Maybe, Jon Stewart will give the “response” that goes viral?

You know, I’d suggest to Obama … he arrays a number of bowling balls in front of him. And, as he talks … he just pushes one ball after another off his desk.

The Kerry “ball.”

The Hagel “ball.”

The Putin?, “ball?”

The McCain “ball?”

No pins will be left standing.

Unless Obama is dumber than a rock.

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