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Live free, he lies

Live free, he lies

From Bob:

Good Evening, Professor!

Spotted in Nashua, NH this afternoon. I immediately thought of you and snapped a quick pix with my iPhone.

Following your advice, I was at a full stop when I took the photo. But like any self-respecting Boston driver, when he failed to move after 0.05 seconds after the light turned green I angrily honked my horn and swore at him at the top of my lungs.

Just showing some love for the common man. 🙂

Bumper Stickers - Nashua NH - anti-obama


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How right was Joe Wilson? Even he couldn’t have seen how far Barry O would go with his lies.

Nixon – Resigned in disgrace
Watergate, no deaths

O’bammy – Re-elected
Benghazi, four deaths
Fast ‘n Furious – Countless deaths
IRSgate – No deaths but a lot of constitutional infringement

We’ve come a long way baby!!!

I just saw a poster with the smartest man alive saying:

I don’t always talk to Obama voters,
but when I do, I ask for large fries.

I am so delighted with my new quote: “Fear Corroded Ape” thanks to Ted Cruz and Ayn Rand and the 21 hour filibuster.

“To cheat your way into a job bigger than your mind can handle is to become a fear corroded ape”

“After .5 seconds, I honked my horn angrily and swore at him at the top of my lungs”.

In the SF Bay Area, they call that “The Bayshore Salute”

JackRussellTerrierist | September 26, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Sounds like Bob-proud-from-Boston is a real jackass, but I love the bumper stickers. Thanks, Bob.