From Catherine, yesterday:

Greetings again from northern Idaho!  I’m sending you here a picture of the back of a truck that I took a few weeks ago in a parking lot in Sandpoint, Idaho.  If you ever get the chance, this area of the country is gorgeous, and I highly recommend seeing it.  My family has lived here for about a year, and coming from Chicago, it certainly is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.

I’ve been meaning to send you this for awhile, but life has been crazy here.  However, since one of the bumper stickers mentioned 9/11, I wanted to send it out.  Regardless if you publish it or not, there are a huge amount of people who, like you, will not forget….

And so, although in many ways this will be kind of a normal day, I do have to mention one more thing.  My kids are 3 and 2, and this morning, my 3-year-old, as she normally does, went to her drawer to pick out clothes for the day.  She knows nothing about 9/11, but she pulled out her US flag shirt.  I asked her if mommy should wear her flag shirt too, and she said yes, today should be a flag shirt day.  🙂

I hope you and yours are well, and I wish you the best from across the country.

 Bumper Sticker - Sandpoint, Idaho


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