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Is Assad our guy now?

Is Assad our guy now?

Is there an undisclosed understanding between the U.S. and Russia to keep Assad in power?

Something very curious has happened on the heels of the discussions between the U.S. and Russia regarding Syria “giving up” chemical weapons.

Russia almost immediately began shipping large quantities of additional conventional weapons to Syria to bolster the regime, as reported by Israeli television (via Times of Israel):

Russia is stepping up weapons supplies to Syria’s President Bashar Assad, to help him prevail in the civil war, as part of the arrangements under which the Assad regime has agreed in principle to have its chemical weapons stockpiles placed under international supervision, Israel television reported on Tuesday night.

Negotiations between Russia and Syria on the supervision arrangement, which seem to have drastically reduced the likelihood of US-led military intervention in Syria, have been ongoing for two full weeks, and have also involved Iran, the Israeli Channel 2 report said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, determined to ensure that his ally Assad not face a punitive US-led strike following Damascus’s alleged use of chemical weapons in an August 21 attack that the US says killed over 1,400 Syrians, essentially ordered Assad to submit to international oversight of his chemical weapons stocks, the report said.

In return, Putin promised bolstered conventional weapons shipments, “some of which are already on their way” to Syria from the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk.

While certainly Russia has been shipping weapons previously, this would indicate a more intensified effort. At the same time, the Obama administration seems to be backing away from the rebels.

The next time John Kerry testifies before Congress — or holds a press conference — he should be pressed as to any undisclosed understandings.

Even if Assad doesn’t use chemical weapons again, he has a long history of large-scale massacres without chemical weapons:

U.N. rights investigators have established that Syrian government forces were almost certainly responsible for two massacres last May in which up to 450 civilians were killed, a report published on Wednesday said.

The report documented eight mass killings in all, attributing all but one to government forces, but said both government and rebel fighters had committed war crimes including murder, hostage-taking and shelling of civilians in their battle for territory.

The killings in Baida and Ras al-Nabaa, two pockets of rebel sympathizers surrounded by villages loyal to President Bashar al-Assad on the outskirts of the coastal town of Banias, sent a chilling message of the price to be paid for backing the rebels.

If Assad is our guy now, we are entitled to know it.


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Wow, from “a reasonable guy we can deal with” to “the next Hitler” to “a reasonable guy we can deal with” again in record time!

You can tell we’ve got John Flip Flops at the helm now…

One of the things necessary to a good foreign policy is principles.

With Pres. Red Line, you have the Marxian (Grocho) position on principles…”If you don’t like my principles, I have others”.

He is an opportunistic Collectivist. He will adopt any “principle” he thinks might work for HIM, without regard for much of anything else. Even his Deemocrat buds are understanding this more and more.

    radioone in reply to Ragspierre. | September 11, 2013 at 11:32 am

    “He is an opportunistic Collectivist. He will adopt any “principle” he thinks might work for HIM.” I think you’ve done great job describing a “Community Organizer”.

Under that definition (not taking him out, but trying to limit the damage he does)every President since he came to power would have to claim Assad. Obama wants him gone, Congress does not, especially the libertarian wing who have been speaking out against ANY action in Syria. I’m not a fan of Obama at all, but limiting Assad in some way is better than none at all. Every President has wanted the entire family gone since Assad’s father took power. They’re cruel, anti-democratic and intractable. Not to mention both supporting Hezbollah but also sending troops into Iraq and Afghanistan to kill our soldiers and undercut our efforts.
IMO the alternative to Assad is not good at this time, but forcing Putin and Assad to 1) Finally admit that Assad DOES have chemical weapons and 2) Agree to give them up is a step forward.
Also IMO Putin’s ego is making him overplay his hand. He is dealing with his own ‘insurgency’ in Russia but wants to be the big dog internationally as well. Remember, he controls the media in Russia except those who can get the word out online in spite of him.
On the other hand, Obama’s trust in ‘friends’ in the Mid East has caused him to make major missteps as well. However, his hard line on keeping the military option in any agreement w/Assad or Putin on the chemical weapons is a sign of strength and I dearly hope the new right’s love affair w/Putin doesn’t undercut that.

    LOL. Putin was smart enough to cut off the two great risks from his point of view: a revision to Obama’s “plan” that would have turned it into something militarily effective, or an offer by Obama to buy Assad’s weapons, which would have eventually led to turning Assad into a US client. He did it by pulling off exactly the move that Saddam Hussein could have, and should have, used in Iraq. Putin is inside Obama’s decision curve, and the world is a little bit safer because of it.

    The whole world is watching, and Obama does not come off as being either strong or wise. The rest of the United States, including its military advisors, is looking good. Obama has just resurrected Russia as a superpower, and given Sen. Rand Paul the opportunity to sound like an elder statesman.

What a sad position we are in – no structure, no plan, no goal; our frenemies out-maneuvering us, the previous allies now having to question our desire and fortitude, and from an inside the Beltway perspective, no way forward, sideways or backwards. Reactive only, no control of events, a passive participant of 300+ million…

“Negotiations between Russia and Syria on the supervision arrangement, which seem to have drastically reduced the likelihood of US-led military intervention in Syria, have been ongoing for two full weeks, and have also involved Iran …”

So, I guess, this means that the chemical weapons, that were shipped to Syria from Iraq, will now go to Iran.

Yeah but I bet Obama could teach Putin a thing or two about community organizing.

I believe two well worn sayings come to mind in regard to Syria at this time:

#1) “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”


#2) “Better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don’t.”

In regard to Syria, both of these maxims hit true. After all, with our Foreign Policy in shambles, the deck will get shuffled, but all the cards remain the same.

“… John Kerry … should be pressed as to any undisclosed understandings.”

Another ad-lib gone awry?

Mad Libs needs to come out with a special Obama Foreign Policy issue.

LHC (who thinks the Mad Lib stories would likely make more sense than the real thing)

Obama calls his foreign policy Smart Power. It’s proved to be Slack Power instead, and Obama modeled it way back in the 1970s. Now we know what he’s really hiding about his past.

Retronaut has the photographic proof here:

At least two Free Syrian Army commanders have been murdered by their “allies”, the Islamist Al-Qaeda. This is just a start. Now, do we want to just admit there are times when a dictator in power is better than a power vacuum just waiting to be filled by the Religion of Piece crowd? Sure, we can make Syria another Egypt, or we can just save our money, put the Tomahawks back in their containers, and wait three years until the nation can wake up and vote for a President that loves America.

Assad was always Kerry’s guy, except for the last few weeks when he was evil incarnate. Remember 2007-2009 when Kerry and Pelosi were all talking about “the road to peace runs through Syria”?

Is Assad our guy now?

Dunno’ bout “OUR guy”, but sure does seem like he is Barry the Putz “guy” now.

Barry’s foreign policy:

Back in deeply, back out slowly, wave a rainbow-colored condom.

Today is 9/11. The “gift” from the Saudis. On 9/12 Dubya invited Bandar to the White House. The two of them went out on the Truman balcony, smoking cigars.

9/11 is the day we all lost our freedoms.

Won no wars.

And, have been playing “footsie” with the sauds. The sauds have radicalized all the sunni mosques. And, they keep wanting to tear territory from others off for themselves.

Their wish list included the Basra oil fields in Irak. And, believe it or not, the sunni’s actually held power in Irak. BUT NOT ANY MORE! That’s why when Maliki won you saw how the population of Irak swung towards the Shi’a. And, Iran and Irak are now bonded together.

The sauds? Haven’t stopped picking out targets for America to “go git” for them. Libya’s destroyed. Proving Gaddafi was a better leader than what they have now. Which is a mess. You don’t know the truth about Benghazi. But you can learn that the saud’s didn’t get what they wanted. And, yes. Lots of Libyan munitions have been sent, by Americans, to Syria. To take on Assad.

Assad’s been fighting the saudi’s foreigners for years! His country’s damaged. But it seems the STINKO-SAUD’s are not in a position to even pick up a sliver of Syrian territory.

Go ahead. Blame deaths on Assad. I blame the Saud’s.

And, one day? Who knows? The truth of what the Saud’s did, and BOUGHT WITH THEIR MONEY (where they own most of our politicians), will come out.

What John Roberts did to our Constitution with the “FISA” courts is CRIMINAL.

How will we ever learn?

Well, we have Ed Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald has taken the leaks and put it into articles that are easy to read. And, won’t be stopped! Take your fingers and “stick it.” Brazil (where Greenwald) lives was targeted by the N.S.A. for espionage.

We all also know that Google, Yahoo, and Apple, all worked with the illegal collection of metadata. Supposedly, John Roberts FISA court has issued gag orders … to the very people it sends subpoenas to. And, you don’t think the lid can blow off? You think Bill Gates, and others, just shake in their boots? Or cooperated with the government for “other” reasons?

I think the truth will OUT.

    Carol, I’m and old codger who lived through the 70’s. As I recall, the Sauds were the driving force in OPEC, when they morph into our friends.

If a response was so vital, the nation should have learned about a US military response the same way we learned about bin Laden … from news reports AFTER the attack. Then Obama could have explained there would be no boots on the ground, this was a one day attack in response to chemical use.

But Obama had to dilly dally and check polls, after running the trial balloon up the flag pole. HE made the red line threat to look tough, but then didn’t have the balls to do it, while still claiming he had the authority.

As with Benghazi, he only does what works for his own popularity. With Benghazi he concocted blame on Americans’ freedom to make bad videos. The Syria red line he also disowned and blamed on the world, Congress AND the American people.

Putin may have snookered a weak Obama into some deal allowing more arms shipments … OR more likely, Putin saw how weak and “flexible” Obama is, and seized the moment. So Putin saw this as the chance to advance his pawns and promote them to Queens, while King Obama moves back and forth, cowering in the back row. Now Obama will claim checkmate was his plan all along.

Obama doesn’t play chess, he only became “King” by dividing his own country into factions. He can break things, but has no strategy for what comes next, only dreaming that nirvana will rise like a phoenix from the ashes he leaves.

Electricity prices MUST skyrocket.

Obamacare destroys our private health care as a pathway to his government care.

Strong self reliant people MUST have their guns taken, or taxed away. They must be weakened or even killed, to force them into the nanny state care.

Borders that protect us MUST be opened, and we must fund the illegals. Americans that resist are “racist”.

As community organizer he only knows how to divide, stir up trouble. I have doubts there was any specific detente with Putin/Assad … they are just running over all the other implied red lines, watching Obama twist in the wind.

Assad’s an Alawite, which is a minority in Syria. Another minority are the Christians. Alawites are about 12% of the Syrian population, while Christian sects account for around 10%.

If any of the “rebel” muslims take over, then it’s goodbye to the Alawites and the Christians, as muslims are not tolerant of other muslims or Christians.

For this reason alone our African king should stay out of Syria.

Besides, he’s got plenty to talk about with the subject being Benghazi!

The law enforcement analogy would be to insist that a murderer surrender any illegal firearms he possesses, and rely on the local Mafioso to see to it that he complies.

I think I’ve pulled a Kerry and stumbled upon a new concept in community policing.

LukeHandCool (who is Crazy like a Fox Kerrier?)

Note that for 99% of Obama’s efforts re: Syria, the refrain was “Assad must go.” All of a sudden, it’s ‘chemical weapons must go’ and Assad can stay.

$5 says that by Christmas it will be ‘Assad and his chemical weapons can stay, but he better not use them or I’ll tell the UN. Honest, I’ll do it. I’m crAzY unpredictable like that.’

Putin is running circles around Obama now landing blow after blow without a fight.

He is subverting our interests in the area without us even knowing what our interests are. Obama has not articulated them clearly and logically.

Not sure anyone would believe anything the Obama administration says about anything.

Syrian Children Kidnapped By Rebels Identified As Gas Victims By Obama Administration (Video)

Do the numbers (victims) add up?

In a statement released by the White House, the U.S. Director of Intelligence, James Clapper, said that 1,429 people were killed in a massive chemical attack on a dozen localities, August 21, 2013 in the suburbs of Damascus [1] .

The French services were unable to conduct an on-site victim toll, according to the declassified notes of intelligence coordinator Alain Zebulun [2]. However, they saw about 281 victims on videos, while the French “non-governmental” organization, Doctors Without Borders, counted 355 in hospitals.

Now, do I believe the information contained in these two links?

Not necessarily.

Do I believe Obama?


[…] are some people who advocate attacking Syria with Obama at the helm? Obama? The boob that just got sodomized by Strong Putin and had his eyes gouged by ophthalmologist Assad? Are you daft? It’s not just Kerry that should be […]

Obama has been exposed to the world as not having the confidence of his own Congress or his nation’s closest allies. Add to that the vast majority of his own citizenry. When John Kerry meets his Russian counterpart in Geneva his primary function will be to smile and take dictation. Obama has been rolled in rather spectacular fashion and Kerry is being sent to bargain without leverage. There’s not much left for the Obama Administration to do but whine about how that knockout didn’t really hurt.

Nothing in this new Syrian “plan” will be readily verifiable. Not the chemical weapons count, the transport of or the destruction of those weapons. We will see only what the Syrians/Iranians/Russians want us to see. The UN will jump on whatever suggestions Putin makes simply to avoid any direct involvement by member nations. The UN will do what it does best, which is usually nothing.

It is not in Putin’s best interests to allow his proxies to be overrun by Islamists and it is beyond delusional to think that Putin would work against his own interests. Putin and Obama are on opposite sides of the regime change issue in Syria and Putin is calling the shots. Until a regime change in Syria is in Russia’s best interests it just isn’t going to happen.
Well kerry, seems the quotable PhD isn’t a PhD after all.

Syria researcher cited by John Kerry fired from think tank for lying about Ph.D.
Elizabeth O’Bagy — who had penned and op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, made several television appearances, and had been cited by Sen. John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry — was let go from her position at the Institute for the Study of War after they learned she didn’t have a Ph.D.
Despite her dismissal, O’Bagy still listed her position at the Institute for the Study of War in her Twitter profile.
Undoubtedly a democrat in the lizard warren mode.