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I shoulda thunk of this

I shoulda thunk of this

From MrE:

I post as MrE on your blog.

My wife and I took a retirement celebration trip to Holden Beach, North Carolina, where I spotted this license plate at the Provision Company Restaurant (

Forty years ago, I’d have passed this along for the brownie points. Now, it’s just to say thanks for your work on the blog.

All the best to you, Professor!

Bumper Sticker -  Holden Beach NC - Prof J and more

Bumper Sticker -  Holden Beach NC - Prof J


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C’mon, Prof. You are not a vanity plate kinda guy.

(I could just be judging you by myself here.)

legacyrepublican | September 24, 2013 at 7:40 am

Does this mean that Prof J is a part of the “Men in Black” team?

Ohhhh, what was that flash of light just now ……..

Good catch, MrE! 🙂

Hope Mr. & Mrs. E thoroughly enjoyed North Carolina and return soon.

Thanks for the kind wishes! About that restaurant, the beer wa cold, and so was the shrimp burger! 😀 Heading out with Cap’n Scott ( ) for a tour of the Inter Coastal waterway and ride up the Lockwood Folly river. Hope to see dolphins, gators and NO liberals! 😉

    Are there manatees up that way? I was out in my kayak on the Intracoastal this morning and saw two, a biggun and a medium sized one. They’re cute as bugs! Have fun 🙂

      Cap’n Scott said he’s seen one manatee in some 20 years of boating and it was lost. Mostly it’s just birds and dolphins seen – with occasional deer swimming between the islands and mainland. He was also saying manta rays are plentiful and sometimes leap out of the water onto schools of bait fish. No seals – which surprised me.

      The good news is – MrsE loved boating and wants to go fishing now!