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Go back to Jersey

Go back to Jersey

Spotted on the mean streets of Manhattan last Thursday.

Jersey plates.

Bumper Sticker - NYC - Prosecute Koch

Bumper Sticker - NYC - Prosecute Koch Brothers


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Like to see that stupid sumbitch have to bike from Joisy in the dead of winter every day.

Why is it that the self-proclaimed uber-intelligent progressives feel the need to proclaim their beliefs on the bumpers of their $50,000 automobile?

Are they afraid that if they don’t scream it from the highways and byways that no one will believe them?

“And everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when I want yours, I’ll tell it to you!” – The life philosophy of most progressives.

Progressives will always repeat history because they cannot look and see what’s behind them – too many bumpers stickers obstructing their view.

    legacyrepublican in reply to Sally Paradise. | September 8, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Sometimes, I would love to some amendment stickers to place on the bumper stickers to make them more accurate.

    Like for the “Prosecute the Koch Brothers” I would like a sticker that says below it “Because I hunt Witches.”

    Or for “Occupy” an amendment that says below it “My Empty Mind.”

    Or for “EARTH” an amendment that says below it “FOOL.”

    There are any number of standard bumpers that could accommodate a little amendment to reveal the driver’s true intellect or the shallowness of their perspective.

southcentralpa | September 8, 2013 at 9:56 am

He’s rocking the subuuuurbs, just like Quiet Riot did …

( if it’s not ringing any bells)

After forty years of study, I’ve confirmed that every vehicle with Jersey plates has a dent in it.

That car needs to be keyed…repeatedly.

Probably has a favorable opinion of Christie.

I never get tired of those ghostbuster stickers 🙂

That driver disgraces the Ducati name.