What we have here is a failure to understand.

They don’t understand what they’re doing wrong:

And she still doesn’t understand what she did wrong:

And he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong:

And they still don’t understand what they did right:

Too far gone to understand much of anything:

They don’t understand it’s a zero sum game, for every illegal who takes a slot, a citizen or legal immigrant loses:

Who even understands what “offensive” is anymore?

The hippies at the Ithaca Farmers Market won’t understand:

Big Sis understands where you are coming from, and she knows where you live:

Your Ph.D. in Understanding Studies will not help:

Come on, this is the guy who invented Obamacare, surely he understands how to reorganize Higher Ed:

Understandable, it’s their freedom of speech:

Finally, someone understands: