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Did you hear the one about how BDS sang “Shoot the Jew”?

Did you hear the one about how BDS sang “Shoot the Jew”?

It’s a really catchy toon, I hear.

The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions crew sure knows how to fire up a crowd. Oh wait, they were the crowd.

BDS head draws fire after defending ‘Shoot the Jew’ chant:

An anti-Israel rally at a South African University that saw protesters chanting “Shoot the Jew,” which was subsequently defended by the head of the country’s BDS movement, drew widespread condemnation.

Both backers and critics of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in South Africa criticized the group’s leader for supporting activists at the Witwatersrand University rally who sang a modified version of the 1980s anti-apartheid song “Shoot the Boer,” the Mail and Guardian reported Monday.

According to the anti-Israeli Electronic Intifada website, Palestinian solidarity activists in South Africa condemned the song:

Palestine solidarity activists in South Africa have condemned an incident in which several protestors sang a traditional struggle sung, but replaced the lyric “shoot the farmer” with words which translate into English as “shoot the Jew.”

“The board and staff of BDS South Africa condemn any and all incitement to violence and racism – including anti-Semitism and Zionism – even if it were to come from within our ranks,” the group said in a statement.

Sorry guys, you own it.

You spend all your waking hours demonizing Israel and your media incites hatred of Jews. You try to prevent people from speaking on campuses, from doing business with Israelis, you have created the monster.


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Repulsive, you asshats!

Why are they ALWAYS losers? Must be that tribal thing they just can’t out grow.

They make common cause with the heirs of the Nazis who would have wiped them all out for not being of the right race. The heirs of the Nazis would wipe them out because they serve a different God, if they serve one at all.

I really don’t understand why Sea World bothers with expensive, difficult sea mammals.

University students are so much easier to train to bark on command mindlessly.

We sure they didn’t sing a version of the song with both Jews and Boers mentioned? ISTR some high-ranking pols in SA have been caught on tape singing the anti-white version of the song recently.

One should not be surprised if they know of the history of Muslim influence in the ANC and their subsequent incitement against Jews in South Africa.
Also Ronnie Kasrils, ex Minister of Intelligence in the ANC government, born a Jew but trained in the USSR, made quite an issue of Jewish support for Israel after the the whites gave control to the Africans in the 1990s, and he went hand in glove with Palestinian efforts to blacken Israel in the world forum all the while backed by the Muslim members of the ANC.