So, a lot of folks are talking about last night’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live and its skit on Obama’s sell of Obamacare.  Many are commenting that it mocks Obamacare.  I’m not sure I really saw it entirely the same way.

Check it out for yourself:

To set the scene for those of you who don’t feel like watching the video, several “regular Americans” are invited to approach the podium as Obama speaks to an audience to try and sell the Affordable Care Act.

The first is a woman who gleefully says she is psyched for Obamacare because now she can get sick as much as she wants.  Another is a father who laments that Obama has made sure that his slacker adult son, who has pinched a nerve in a porn-viewing “accident,” will never have to lift a finger to get health insurance, thanks to Obama.  He rushes off exclaiming, “Chris Christie in ’16!”

The skit then makes a quick slam on Ted Cruz’s quasi-filibuster, citing Dr. Seuss lines and demanding a government shutdown.  Parody Cruz is escorted off the stage by security as he yells, “Horton may hear a who, but the only thing I’m hearing right now is Socialism!!!”

An iPhone customer jumps to the podium to decry that her new phone broke and hasn’t been fixed.  Parody Obama says, “I believe you’re confusing Obamacare with AppleCare,” to which she responds, “either way, happened on your watch.”

An ER doctor then complains that if people in this country would just “stop putting stuff up their butts,” we’d save $5 billion a year in health care costs.

The highlight of the skit of course comes as “Breaking Bad‘s” Aaron Paul takes the stage, in his show’s character as Jesse Pinkman, to explain that a lack of affordable health care is to blame for the destructive path of his “friend,” implied to be the show’s main character, Walter White. White is a chemistry teacher who turned to a life of crime after being diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.  (You have to watch Breaking Bad to understand the whole backstory, so you can read about that here).

Lastly, “Obamacare Oscar” does the “Health Care Boogie” to tell us all how easy it is to sign up for the health insurance plan.  After Oscar falls off the stage, he begs that an ambulance not be called because he doesn’t have insurance.  When Obama asks why he didn’t sign up, Oscar scoffs, “ah, it was too complicated to figure out.”

I don’t know, I saw it a little differently than some others.  SNL seemed to be giving Obama a pass, to me.  Here’s the message I took away after watching the skit:  Poor Obama.  Obamacare is unpopular because, you know, it’s just sooooo haaaaard to sell it to all you Americans who just can’t possibly understand it.  It’s not that it’s a bad law, it’s that Americans just don’t get it.