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“Conservatives on Campus shall overcome” Week at College Insurrection

“Conservatives on Campus shall overcome” Week at College Insurrection

The internet fights back to overcome liberal funding bias on campus:

Rioting is a human right — “Berkeley officials are already working to restore full medical coverage to rioters, and hope to have the exemption removed soon”:

And then there’s this (it’s his attempt to intimidate students, not just his opinion, that’s offensive):

MILF and cookies:

Sugar Daddy and cookies:

This should work (to get you 5-15 in prison):

No one could have predicted this:

Thanks for the advice!

Been there, done that:

Why don’t you head to Capitol Hill, first?

Groupthink Studies is a very popular major:

The Hoax Studies Department is not amused:

Your tax dollars at work:

Who is Miley Cyrus, and why was she twerking?

We always have Leslie cover the feminist stuff:


Probably not Mr. Popularity on campus:

That’s racist against Selfies!

Easy for him to say, he’s “former”:

Mostly guys:

Water is Wet!

History in a video, because reading is hard:


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Oh, when shall I arrive again at my home, where I shall no longer have to stoop—shall no longer have to stoop before the small ones!”—And Zarathustra sighed, and gazed into the distance.

“Fifteen universities worldwide — including Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University — will offer college credit to students who “write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia.”

PSU! (WWSS) What WILL Sandusky Say?
Oh wait, he was into boys..

Look like the battlegrounds are shifting to the campuses. More awareness of the issues = More ridicule of the antics of the politically corrected.

“MILF and cookies:

U. Vermont frat allegedly seeks woman to cook in exchange for sex”

So what does the woman get out of the deal?

The MSU professor and his ilk are a dime a dozen on college campuses.

We are family friends with a young man taking classes at Santa Monica College.

Last week classes started, and his first day in political science class was pure professorial malpractice.

The professor told all the students to stand up. (Just hearing this beginning part, I sensed it would end badly.)

He told all students who were not American citizens to sit down. Then he told all “students of color” to sit down. He told all students who came from a poor or working class upbringing to sit down. He told all female students to sit down. There were some other criteria he used to assign victimhood status to have students sit down.

In the end, this young man said he and four other white males remained standing.

Then the “professor” proclaimed, “These are the people whose parents control America, and they will control America one day.”

It’s malicious nonsense like this that led to my nephew dropping out of college.

Of course this young man and the others left standing were embarrassed and kept quiet.

I told my wife he should’ve asked the professor,

“If my parents and I are ‘controlling’ America, then why the hell am I in this community college classroom and not in some Ivy League school?”

LukeHandCool (who doubts the professor sat down … probably remained standing … atop the ol’ soapbox in front of the captive audience of young, inarticulate, insecure, impressionable younggins)