The internet fights back to overcome liberal funding bias on campus:

Rioting is a human right — “Berkeley officials are already working to restore full medical coverage to rioters, and hope to have the exemption removed soon”:

And then there’s this (it’s his attempt to intimidate students, not just his opinion, that’s offensive):

MILF and cookies:

Sugar Daddy and cookies:

This should work (to get you 5-15 in prison):

No one could have predicted this:

Thanks for the advice!

Been there, done that:

Why don’t you head to Capitol Hill, first?

Groupthink Studies is a very popular major:

The Hoax Studies Department is not amused:

Your tax dollars at work:

Who is Miley Cyrus, and why was she twerking?

We always have Leslie cover the feminist stuff:


Probably not Mr. Popularity on campus:

That’s racist against Selfies!

Easy for him to say, he’s “former”:

Mostly guys:

Water is Wet!

History in a video, because reading is hard:

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