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Can they both lose?

Can they both lose?

That could apply to so much of what is going on in the news.

But I’m referring to Lawrence O’Donnell and Anthony Weiner.


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O’Donnell is an incredibly rude twerp who turned Weiner into a sympathetic figure last night.

If you’re a registered voter in NYC, please cast your vote for (R) Joe Lhota for Mayor.

He’s our best chance against (D) Bill DeBlasio who has promised to deliver NYC taxpayers into union hands in the form of retroactive raises.

Headed to the polls now.

Who tries seductively to get to first base, but it’s a foul ball caught by Nobody in the audience.

LHC (who thinks “Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible MSNBC Man” would’ve been a classic)

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 10, 2013 at 4:21 pm

C’mon. Admit it. We’re gonna miss not having Carlos Danger to kick around anymore.

Best exchange: (paraphrased)

O’Donnell: “…we’ve got 20 more seconds but I want you to hang around and we can continue this on-line…”

Weiner: “Nobody even watches this show. Whose going to be on-line?”

Must see TV?

Two of the most unlikable people ever.

Daily Caller editorial board endorses Anthony Weiner for mayor

Mr. Weiner, the former congressman, offers voters more than a decade of accomplishments in his fight for the city’s middle class and those struggling to make it. Blessed with a beautiful wife, natural charisma, the friendship of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a sack full of policy ideas, Mr. Weiner is clearly the hardest candidate in the race for his opponents to beat off.

It’s nice to see the left side of the aisle attacking each other for a change. What was O’Donnell’s point, anyway? Weiner handled that bizarre attack out of the gates fairly well, I thought.

Weiner will lose and when push comes to shove, “When Putz Comes to Schmuck” will be his new gig with co-host O’Donnell. MSNBC’s answer to “Parker Spitzer.”

I don’t live in NYC and am a bad person for wishing Tony would win. I know… real people will be impacted, but I don’t want Big Tony drifting off to Oblivion City. He is way too much fun in very un-fun times.

O’Donnell the Communist sees nothing wrong with Weiner’s inability to control his base appetites except for his desire to be elected again. If that is O’Donnell’s standard, then to be consistent, he must oppose most of the current Congress who have already sold their souls to be re-elected.

O’Donnell’s question, “What’s wrong with you?” is simultaneously appropriate and outrageous. Let’s do the latter first. We all know that George Washington didn’t want a second term. He wanted to go back to his very successful farming business, but his friends and colleagues prevailed upon him, and out of love of country he took a second term. In those days people had a life outside of politics. Today we have the professional politician; the apparatchik who can do nothing else. This includes people like Jerry Brown, all the Joe Kennedy sons, the Clintons, Obama, … So why pick on Weiner? He could ask virtually any pol who comes on his show, “what’s wrong with you?” This question especially applies to Democrats. Some Republicans like Romney, who actually once had a life: he made lots of money without his hands in the public purse. So how is the question appropriate? In Weiner’s case, he had a four-million-dollar campaign fund for the mayorship race. He can’t spend the money without an active campaign. With even a hopeless campaign, he can spend the money on virtually anything. A new car, a vacation disguised as a fact finding mission, jobs for cronies, etc. So in this sense the question is appropriate, but he didn’t follow through so his viewers could really understand what makes Anthony run?

I think Weiner did pretty well in dealing with O’Donnell, except he should have asked him why he doesn’t ask all the pols the same question since virtually none of them can do anything productive outside of politics and government. Instead we got a clown show along the lines of putz versus schmuck as someone here pointed out.