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Branco Cartoon – His Line Eyes

Branco Cartoon – His Line Eyes

Note: You may reprint this cartoon provided you link back to this source.  To see more Legal Insurrection Branco cartoons, click hereBranco’s page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco 


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…but Obama’s responsible for the yellow one running down his back…

I am going to repeat a comment by an earlier poster because it was so perfect here.

“If you have a red line… you didn’t set that. Someone else built if for you!”

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | September 5, 2013 at 11:48 am

Anyone else any anything else about this from NoQuarterUSA.Net?

“The SARIN Psyops Story–A US/UK Contrivance

It is highly unlikely that the Syrian Government authorized and ordered a chemical attack using the nerve agent Sarin against rebel strongholds in Damascus on the 21st of August. It appears that this incident was carried out, at a minimum, with the complicity of the United States and Great Britain.

An old friend who is well plugged into the area shared with me today that he learned of a meeting that took place on 15 August on Turkey’s border iwth Syria. It was between a Senior Turkish intelligence officer and a rebel aligned with the Free Syrian Army. A CIA officer also was attending but not “participating.” The rebel rep pressed for an urgent supply of weapons and announced, “there will shortly be an event that will lead the United States to strike inside Syria.”

Six days later we get this first news flash:

LONDON (AP) Britain”s foreign secretary says the country will ask the United Nations Security Council to discuss claims of a chemical weapons attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Syrian opposition groups say at least 100 people were killed during a fierce government offensive against rebel-held areas, and some activists say regime troops used “poisonous gas.”

The Syrian government denied its troops used chemical weapons….


LMFAO, Branco

Just knew the RED line would finally show. Neo-Marxist that he is!

    GrumpyOne in reply to JP. | September 5, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    He’s just a tool and will be among the first to be shot when the real takeover occurs…

      Crossing my fingers GO.

      Yes DATS ME, NSA. I typed that. Look me up! (you may have already done so..WEENIES!)

        GrumpyOne in reply to JP. | September 5, 2013 at 6:52 pm

        With all the commenting that I’ve been doing lately, I wonder just how much I’ll be frisked prior to my next flight…

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