Aleister, who writes for College Insurrection, has his own excellent blog, American Glob.

In a post yesterday, Aleister noted how quickly the media dropped any interest in the politics of the Navy Yard shooter … as soon as it became clear that the was a mentally-ill liberal black man, not a conservative/Tea Party/right-wing white guy, Why Has The Media Stopped Talking About The Navy Yard Shooter?:

The media typically loves stories about people who go on shooting sprees but just a few days after the Navy Yard shooting story broke, no one in the media is talking about it anymore. Why?

The answer is pretty simple. The story didn’t fit the media’s preferred gun control narrative.

Had the story been about a white Tea Party member as everyone in the liberal media was hoping, we’d still be bombarded with coverage of the story. Black guy? Liberal? Mentally ill? The story no longer served any purpose for the left’s agenda so it was dropped.

The same phenomenon took place as to the Family Research Council shooter, motivated by a Southern Poverty Law Center hate watch list.  Almost complete media disinterest, including in the sentencing this week.

A good case in point is David Sirota of the very white, who is obsessed with the overwhelming whiteness of mass shooters.

After the Boston Bombing, Sirota generated quite a lot of controversy when he wrote that he hoped the bombers were White Americans.

David Sirota - Lets hope Boston Marathon bomber white American

It turned out that the bombings were committed by Chechen immigrants fixated on Jihad.

After the Navy Yard shooting, I wondered, who was Sirota hoping it would be?

I haven’t received an answer yet.

Maybe I shouldn’t single out Sirota, it’s just that he’s been so high profile on the whiteness of shooters.

The same question could have been asked of the Southern Poverty Law Center, MSNBC hosts, a variety of racial agitators, and those pushing the failed eliminationist narrative.

Who were they hoping for?

It’s a question that is unanswered, but one for which we know the answer.


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