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An unanswered question in the Navy Yard mass murder

An unanswered question in the Navy Yard mass murder

Saturday Night Card Game – Who were they hoping for?

Aleister, who writes for College Insurrection, has his own excellent blog, American Glob.

In a post yesterday, Aleister noted how quickly the media dropped any interest in the politics of the Navy Yard shooter … as soon as it became clear that the was a mentally-ill liberal black man, not a conservative/Tea Party/right-wing white guy, Why Has The Media Stopped Talking About The Navy Yard Shooter?:

The media typically loves stories about people who go on shooting sprees but just a few days after the Navy Yard shooting story broke, no one in the media is talking about it anymore. Why?

The answer is pretty simple. The story didn’t fit the media’s preferred gun control narrative.

Had the story been about a white Tea Party member as everyone in the liberal media was hoping, we’d still be bombarded with coverage of the story. Black guy? Liberal? Mentally ill? The story no longer served any purpose for the left’s agenda so it was dropped.

The same phenomenon took place as to the Family Research Council shooter, motivated by a Southern Poverty Law Center hate watch list.  Almost complete media disinterest, including in the sentencing this week.

A good case in point is David Sirota of the very white, who is obsessed with the overwhelming whiteness of mass shooters.

After the Boston Bombing, Sirota generated quite a lot of controversy when he wrote that he hoped the bombers were White Americans.

David Sirota - Lets hope Boston Marathon bomber white American

It turned out that the bombings were committed by Chechen immigrants fixated on Jihad.

After the Navy Yard shooting, I wondered, who was Sirota hoping it would be?

I haven’t received an answer yet.

Maybe I shouldn’t single out Sirota, it’s just that he’s been so high profile on the whiteness of shooters.

The same question could have been asked of the Southern Poverty Law Center, MSNBC hosts, a variety of racial agitators, and those pushing the failed eliminationist narrative.

Who were they hoping for?

It’s a question that is unanswered, but one for which we know the answer.


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It’s obvious they were hoping for a white conservative extremist. What they got was a black, liberal with anger management and mental health issues.

Doesn’t quite fit the agenda, eh?

And don’t forget that this mentally-ill, OBOZO-supporting, leftist, hate-filled, violent nut-job (pardon all that redundancy) used a Bite-Me Biden recommended SHOTGUN in his initial attack – NOT an AR-19. Thus, NOTHING about this fits the lunatic-left approved narrative on gun violence – so, they’ll hide it as deep as Benghazi, the irs scandal, the nsa scandal, the fast and furious scandal, the OBOZO Syria disaster, etc., etc., etc.

Aleister’s article is excellent as far as it goes — touching on the media bias. Be that as it may, it misses the mark as far as understanding what psychology can and cannot do, especially omitting recognition of the rise in psychotropic drugs over the past two decades that are themselves remarkably ineffective and dangerous.

My questions:

How come “hindsight” stopped looking at this shooting scene?

And, how did this Alexis character know his way around the Navy Yard? If it was you. And, you just flowed in with the other workers, wouldn’t you have a hard time locating the office door you needed to go to?

Alexis toodled up the escalator to the 3rd floor. Here, the cubicles just opened off the hallway. Don’t forget he’s carrying a rifle. Did he disguise it inside a guitar case?

He began shooting and killing right away. And, right next door to an office two people ran into to hide. And, the person in the office quickly used furniture and “stuff” to press against the door. He then started using his cell phone. And, he called his boss. He said the killer was using the space “right next door.” Then, at some point, he went down the staircase to the second floor. But there, you just couldn’t push open doors. You needed an electronic key. So, Alexis was able to go back up the stairway. This could be heard by the man who was in his office “right next door.” And, yes. Alexis shot through the wall. Because the door was barricaded, when he tried to get “into” this space.

By now, the snipers knew where the killer was. And, they shot him dead. You don’t even know if he ended up with lots of holes. Or just a few.

The media coverage went dead.

My guess is that those inside the Navy building fear talking to the press. And, journalists no longer know how to get coroners (or their staffs) to talk. And, you’d think “interest” fell off.

But it’s really the way journalism works, today.

Wall to wall propaganda.

I read about this crime over at the Guardian. Who ran the story showing a drawing of the floor’s layout.

But you can ask … So, Arron Alexis shows up for work … And, he’s carrying a gun.

Was he a trained hired killer? He could go anywhere in the world. Shoot. And, disappear. And, if anyone tries to ask … they’re met with a stone wall of silence.

Exactly what was the IT job? (Me? I think it was a HIT job. But the “H” is silent.)

You won’t get to the “truth” … because Big Brother decided you don’t have any need to know.

Like Trayvon, Arron Alexis could be Obama’s brother. Stories about Obama’s kin … Like Biden’s kin … tend to get put out of circulation really fast.

What happened? We’ve replaced journalists with people who have good hair. Where everybody’s ready for their close up.

And, you can get run over if you stand between a camera … and the likes of whoever is running to be in front of it.

What about the 12 people that were shot in Chicago as they were playing/watching basketball, or the 20 before that shot in same said area. Nary a peep from the lame stream media. Thank gawd for the electronic communication and the blogosphere because otherwise we would know nothing about it.

Before you all jump to your right-wingnut conclusions, this is all likely simply because everyone’s fascinated by a shooting spree involving a “composite shooter.” It’s nothing sinister.

The “composite girlfriends” in Obama’s numerous autobiographies were no less real and fascinating, helping to make them bestsellers.

A Big-government hating, NRA-loving, Bible-clinging, tea-party-attending, conservative Republican with an assault rifle randomly slaughtering innocents just minutes after crashing his airplane into the local IRS field office, Chick-fil-A sauce dripping like blood from his mouth … now there’s a composite shooter that journ-o-lists know sells newspapers and drives TV news ratings sky high.

As Julia once said, “Composites sell.”

LHC (who would remind everyone that journ-o-lists are supported by layers and layers and layers and layers of fact checkers and editors. And all those layers say you’re all a bunch of teabagger wackjobs. Don’t go criying for Pinnochios … you ain’t getting any)

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 21, 2013 at 9:26 pm

I think the fact that the gun grabbers just experienced two significant defeats in about six months – one in the U.S. Senate and the other the Colorado recall – also played a part in the speed with which they dropped the story. They knew the political environment was hostile to the Democrats advancing a gun grabbing agenda, so they just did the necessary reporting and moved on.

Now they can stay focused on the Democrat talking point that the House Republican vote to keep the government open is really a vote to shut down the government.

I noticed how excited the reporters first seemed when they learned the shooter was from Texas. I think they were hoping…..

[…] though and you can make great friends. I feel very lucky to know my blog friends Glenn Reynolds and William Jacobson as well as many […]

First of all, Alexis goes to work for his very first day at his new job.

Is he carrying a lunch pail?

How did he disguise his rifle? And, as he’s going up the escalator was anybody paying attention? I’d bet there are MILES of corridors at the Navy Yard!

And, because The Guardian ran a very good article, I know everything happened within one hour. Alexis comes in at 8:35 AM. And, is dead by 9:25 AM. And, the journalists didn’t know anything. So for a full day, until 5:00 PM … they were advising people there were 3 WHITE shooters … And, it wasn’t “normal.”

I no longer expect anything but propaganda from our media. And, I don’t fit the category of a “right wing” person.

What is important is The Narrative. Facts which support it, or can be spun or interpreted as somehow supporting it, are in. Facts which contradict or refute it or which are impossible to twist to support it are out.

The way the Big Lie works has nothing to do with the size or number of the lies incorporated, how skillful the purveyors of the lies are, or how believable they can seem. It’s only dependent on repetition. Repetition without contradiction works faster.

It works well enough to reelect the worst President of the postwar era. Strong stuff! So it is hardly surprising that the propaganda apparatchiks are so devoted to it.

Phillep Harding | September 22, 2013 at 12:10 pm

How much research has been done on the demographics of the drive-by shooters? Does anyone know if certain individuals do multiple drive bys? Ifso, are they counted as serial killers or spree killers?

To keep the record straight, Alexis did NOT enter the Yard with a “rifle” — he took Joe Biden’s advice and got himself a shotgun! There was no rifle … particularly absent was the Evil Black Assault Rifle the MSM were still talking about several hours after Alexis was killed. Once it was clear what the actual facts were the MSM ‘Gun Story Equation’ was used:

Black man + liberal + Obama voter + no AR-15 = “Move Along, No Story Here!”

Black on White crime…….where’s the news in that?