It’s come to this: the White House Twitter account is attempting to drum up support for Obamacare through the “Adorable Care Act,” a meme template featuring cute animals.  While the Obama administration and OFA both deny being behind the associated accounts, the White House takes no shame in sharing the memes.

What can really be said about this? The Obama-worshippers have officially outed themselves as completely infantile. This sickening attempt to be relevant and disarming just illustrates how utterly devoid of fact and reason the liberal cult is.

Meanwhile, the facts remain a disadvantage to Obamacare supporters, no matter how many cute animals they tweet. A Rasmussen poll found that, while support for the legislation has never been higher, only 30% of those polled think it will improve the healthcare system, while 51% think it will damage the system. NBC found similar results: 45% say it will be negative, 23% positive. The people do not want this law, which is why the liberal mob is so desperate to paint it in a good light.

Companies are already laying off workers because of Obamacare’s taxes and regulations. The burden on businesses and taxpayers is undeniable, yet the “Affordable Care Act” rolls on.

In July 2012, Obamacare was estimated to cost $2.6 trillion in its first decade of implementation. Considering that this estimate was the last of a train of increasingly higher estimates, it is probably even higher now. President Obama keeps claiming to care about the recession, jobs, and the middle class. The massive government spending speaks otherwise.

Of course, when liberals aren’t trying to dress up their disastrous legislation as cute and cuddly, they’re spewing hatred at their enemies. Harry Reid lambasted “Tea Party anarchists” who “deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law.”

This from the party whose administration keeps delaying parts of its signature legislation with no regard for its own rules. These are the people giving lectures about respecting the rule of law.

All of this just confirms what we already know. Obamacare is a disastrous piece of legislation in every aspect: political, financial, economical, and medical. There is no reasonable, factual argument that can be made in its favor. All the Democrats (and their Republican supporters) can do is lie about its supposed benefits and demonize anyone who dares oppose it, like, for example, Senator Ted Cruz.

They have nothing. And yet, they’re winning. And that’s the most disastrous of all.


Isaac is a Hillsdale College student who writes from time to time for College Insurrection.