On Friday we asked:  Which was worse: Middlebury 9/11 flag-grabbing or Oberlin racism hoax?

It arose from the actions of Anna Shireman-Grabowski, a Middlebury student, who felt compelled to destroy a 9/11 memorial on campus by trashing thousands of small American flags, each one representing a person who died on 9/11:

While the American flags on the Middlebury hillside symbolize to some the loss of innocent lives in New York, to others they represent centuries of bloody conquest and mass murder. As a settler on stolen land, I do not have the luxury of grieving without an eye to power. Three thousand flags is a lot, but the campus is not big enough to hold a marker for every life sacrificed in the history of American conquest and colonialism.

The result may have been the closest poll we’ve ever had here (I suspect voter suppression, and may demand a recount):

Poll Results Middlebury Oberlin

In an update, the Abanaki tribe wants nothing to do with the Middlebury flag-grabber, via Daily Caller:

Don Stevens, chief of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe, said his tribe did not approve of the actions taken by five people–including one student–at Middlebury College last week.

“We didn’t know anything about this and if we had we certainly wouldn’t have sanctioned it,” he said in a statement to The Addison Independent.

… Steven said there’s no evidence that the field is an Abenaki burial site. And even if it was, the flags would be a welcome presence.

“Our burial sites honor our warriors and their bravery,” said Stevens. “Putting flags in the earth to honor bravery would not be disrespectful.”

This is what happens when you have liberal activists on campus whose life of privilege at an elite liberal arts college leaves them wanting for something more dramatic in their lives.

There is an occupier here, but it’s not Middlebury College. It’s the student activists so bored and disappointed in their own lives that they feel the need to usurp the imagined outrages of others.

Get a life. Your own, not someone else’s.

Update: A reader sends this link about one of the non-Middlebury students involved, with the comment “Another Senator Warren in the making”: Meet Amanda Lickers, the Canadian Left-Wing Gay Fake-Indian Who Desecrated a 9/11 Memorial.


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