For event organizers, the definition of failure is when counter-protesters and police outnumber your intended audience.

A good example to total event failure was the “Million Muslim March,” which was just a bit shy of its goal…by 999,975 people.

And it seems that the event wasn’t so much about Islam, but about the theories of 9-11 “Truthers”.

Attendance evidently ran into the dozens, although it was hard to pick the demonstrators out from counter-demonstrators and reporters covering the event, who may have outnumbered them. It didn’t help that the event was linked to anti-Semites and 9/11 conspiracy theorist lunatics.

While the Biker’s event was less than “2 Million”, the turnout for these patriots was much more substantial. Via Twitter and Twitchy, it looks like there were over 75,000 hogs on the roads of the nation’s capital today.

Via Twitcy

Via Twitchy

The following video captures the awesome awesomeness of the bikers’ tribute:

There have been many other great personal recollections and remembrances today. My College Insurrection compatriot, Aleister, honors New York City firefighter Paul Tegtmeier with a touching homage. San Diego blogging team member Barry Jacobson recalls how he painted his house in an effort to distance himself from the enormity of the diasster.

Myself? Twelve years ago I was attempting to keep myself calm watching the news…as I was six months pregnant. Now, 12 years later, my son and I just watched a special on the day’s airport closures on one of the cable networks.

But of all the items I read today, this one from Shifra (producer of The Tammy Bruce Show) struck me most deeply. It recounts a blessing given by a Jewish woman to Christians who had just returned her purse.

….And then, she did remember a blessing, something from her childhood.

“May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob keep you from harm.”

On the way home, the couple stopped at a local restaurant.

But the man must have eaten some bad food, because he awoke early the next morning, doubled over with stomach cramps.

“I can’t go to work like this,” he told his wife. “What a disaster. I have a very important breakfast meeting today.”

“Nice ‘blessing’ you got from that woman, huh?” his wife laughed.

That was the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The breakfast meeting was scheduled for 8 a.m. on the 107th floor of the Windows on the World Restaurant at the World Trade Center.

And, in a way, I think God is sending a message in the difference in attendance between these two events today.


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