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What’s his problem?

What’s his problem?

From Norbie:

Seen in the parking lot of my office building in the Chicago ‘burbs.

Apparently the driver bitterly clings to the notion that the lamestream media still retain a modicum of propriety and trustworthiness – hence the scorn for Fox….

Yeah, but what’s his problem?  There’s something in the window, looks like two poles, but I can’t tell what it is.

Bumper Sticker - Chicago - DAD


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Fishing reel on one? Could be the other, is a walking stick for a crippled mind.

Definitely fishing poles/reels.

legacyrepublican | August 28, 2013 at 8:15 am

The poles hold up blinders so the driver can’t see anything to the right. Ever!

Truth and Chicago… Well, they just don’t fit to well together!

I’m sure the guy believes in gun control too since it’s been so effective in Chicago.

Cork handled fishing poles with spinning reels. Which reminds me of a favorite dumb-IL-pols story. After moving to Illinois some years ago, I applied for a fishing license. All applicants must certify, under penalty of perjury, that they are not delinquent on court ordered child support. Apparently, IL pols think fishermen are deadbeats or that denying them a $15 freshwater fishing license will compel them to pay the $20,000 owed in back child support.

“Turn off Fox”….and become completely clueless.

    Vascaino in reply to gs425. | August 28, 2013 at 11:54 am

    To the sound of a Jamaican steel band as they do the Limbo dance to see how low they can go on information.

Fox News = Bad for America

Sending his child to be indoctrinated by Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn = Good idea.

My guess? He has no idea that those are fishing rods in his car.

Henry Hawkins | August 28, 2013 at 10:16 am


Reminds me of a Ned Flanders quote:

“There are things we don’t want to know! Important things!”

Well, he just can’t be all bad if he has cork handled spinning rods hanging from the roof of his vehicle. Besides the vehicle must be an SUV to be long enough to hang the rods.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I suspect the sticker was put on his vehicle by his clueless wife or U. of Chicago kid, and in the interest of family harmony he is living with it.

Henry Hawkins | August 28, 2013 at 3:23 pm

what is hanging from the rear view mirror, the thing that looks maybe like a pair of small scissors – OR SCISSOR CLAMP ROACH CLIP ???? Hahahaha.

VetHusbandFather | August 28, 2013 at 9:40 pm

Whenever I see things like this “Turn off Fox” sticker, all I can take out of it is that the person is a total idiot. What it translates to is this: “I only want to hear one side of the story because my grip on my narrow minded world view is so weak, that any challenge may topple it over.” But in all seriousness have you ever heard of Conservatives campaigning to shut down NBC News or NYT?