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Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck

From Amy:

It’s been a while since I’ve found a car worth photographing, but I finally spied this one in the parking lot of Costco in Parker, CO.

The back window was also filled with patriotic stickers.

It renews my faith in humanity to see the occasional conservative car.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone left who hasn’t drank the kool-aid!

Bumper Sticker - Parker CO - Buck Stops Full

Bumper Sticker - Parker CO - Buck Stops


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Uncle Samuel | August 7, 2013 at 7:16 am

Best part, says ‘Honorably Discharged Veteran’ on his tag.

That’s one sure ’nuff patriot.

If the election flipped the other way, we’d be getting curious comments about Mormon underwear. And, how surrounding the “power couple” was a whole contingent of “church elders.” Or whatever you call favoritism for Mormons. It just didn’t come to pass.

I’m not even sure it’s the candidates, as much as it is the way people view republicans in general. Did it start with Hoover?

The big wins for the republicans came when they reached out to Eisenhower. And, Reagan. Real outsiders, who don’t look connected to the “country club” tend to win the few national elections the republicans pick up.

I take it they didn’t vote for The Magic Negro. 😉

Of course the vet is retired Navy.

I need to find one of those “buck stops over there” stickers.