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Those who can’t even cat blog, nature blog

Those who can’t even cat blog, nature blog

I’ve figured it out.

Nature blogging!

So you see, I walked over to Ithaca Falls, about a 10 minute walk from my house, with my friend to help him get over his blogger burnout problems.

(Man, this is easy)


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A screen that says ‘This video is private’ is Nature?

Ah nature. Nobody yelling “racist homophobe.” Just the sounds of rushing water and the rustle of leaves.

I also like the nature of the 22nd amendment.

So, umm, after treading water how quickly did he/she take to get over the misery of blog burnout?

If you’ve seen Niagara Falls you’ve seen them all. Just kidding!

America has a lot of college towns. And, each and every one of them (practically) has to it a feel of lushness. If not “picture perfect,” then brochure perfect. (Even in LA, USC has a beautiful campus. Just don’t go outside of it! Because the neighborhood is dramatically different.) There. And, elsewhere, too. We have a nation of Bucolic campuses.

Alas, after seeing ‘Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,’ my guess is that faculty life, though, has its up’s and down’s.

Geez. You really come down hard on a guy. I once had a nature blog. But, honestly, it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t have a cat at the time.

Ithaca is gorges.

Had to log in just to up-thumb this one.

never make fun of cats or their slaves….HA