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They lie!

They lie!


The sequester greeted me at Miami…

by the way, there were signs asking passengers not to take pictures, so if you will not publish this time the source of this photo I’ll appreciate it…

although the NSA probably knows by now…he he…

Sequester Sign Miami Airport


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Someone needed to tape a sign over it that read

“Union work slowdown in progress, we do not apologize for the inconvenience.


Your Overlords”

Anything to inconvenience the public but nothing in the way of smart budgeting…

Gee, I wonder how much it cost to make that sign – and how many were produced?

If you think of all the other ways this information could have been stated
the political nature/purpose becomes pretty obvious.

Midwest Rhino | August 3, 2013 at 8:51 am

Sign should read:

Obama ordered us to make the tiny cuts as painful to the public as possible.

As you wait your extra hour in line, remember that your submission is all that is required to make these waits go away. How will we government union workers retire at 50 if you little people don’t learn your place?

We will forcibly teach you a little about submission with our white glove treatment, if any dare to complain.

    Mw Rino, one simple correction. It should read; “with our rubber glove treatment”

      Midwest Rhino in reply to rayc. | August 3, 2013 at 1:34 pm

      ha .. yeah, that is the meaning. But in true Orwellian fashion, I’m sure they put a more gentle name on their “reeducation” tools.

      It’s all for our own good, you see. Like Winston Smith, we just need to get over ourselves and learn to love, the Big Brother glove. 🙂

There should be video screens live-streaming Obama on his latest multimillion dollar holiday, wherever signs like this appear. Just to give us commoners something to look at while we wait.

“Your Tax Dollars At Work”.

Also, I think that at every air show this summer and autumn, during the time slot where the Blue Angels would be flying had they not been “sequestered”, the audience should be treated to a big-screen version of “highlights from the Obama family’s 2012-2013 vacations”. I’m pretty sure it would be a huge hit, especially on military bases across America.

Look for the union label on that sign.

By the way, those signs are into their fifth month now. They put them up preemptively, even before the sequester furloughs could have possible taken effect.

Jim Geraghty at NRO had a piece on that back in March:

Budget cuts? CBP is heavily ramping up their sex-crimes units.