Maybe some things just need to fail for the greater good.

Here’s a good example of a system that needs to fail because it’s consuming its public host.  The parasite and the host can’t both survive.

Via Michael Graham, Massachusetts Unions Reach Their Ultimate Goal: More “Collecting” Than Working:

Does this sound a bit “Detroit-esque” to anyone else?

The MBTA Retirement Fund has more pensioners scooping up payouts than active workers paying into it, according to its own pension-pulling chief — a dangerous imbalance experts say could get worse because so many T staffers retired early.

The Herald reported yesterday that more than half of the 6,300-plus people receiving pensions from the T retired before the age of 60, and 35 percent — or 2,240 — left before 55, according to a massive database made public for the first time under a new law passed this summer.

By comparison, the T has roughly 6,200 active employees.

So you’ve got more people being paid not to work than you do people working. And that 6,200 number includes people on disability, by the way, so there are even FEWER actual workers.

Will the last MBTA employee actually showing up to earn a paycheck please turn out the lights when you leave?

Oh, and don’t forget my fellow private-sector workers. Our taxes just went up half- a-billion-dollars a YEAR to pay more into this scam of a system.

There’s a name for this problem: Detroit.


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