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The creepy Daily Beast headline is all that matters

The creepy Daily Beast headline is all that matters

The crazying of Ted Cruz continues unabated

I am so sick of people like Daily Beast author Patricia Murphy smearing Republicans like Ted Cruz.

She did it in a very slick way, managing to focus her article about Cruz at The Daily Beast on the word “creepy” so that even if the substance was not harmful to Cruz, the association was made.

The primary basis for her creepy article focus was a comment by someone that as a freshman at Princeton Cruz walked around in a paisley — fashion horror! — bathrobe and sometimes walked down the hallway to the section where girls lived.

For that alleged transgression Cruz gets this headline:

Daily Beast - Ted Cruz Creepy

A lifetime of achievement that would normally be heralded by liberals if achieved by a liberal Hispanic, devolves into creepiness on the slimmest of pretexts.

This is all part of the crazying of Ted Cruz by liberal publications like the Daily Beast.  It doesn’t matter what the substance is, they just want to associate the word “creepy” with Ted Cruz in the minds of the public, many of whom don’t read past the headline.

Daily Beast readers are getting the message, according to online polls conducted in conjunction with Murphy’s post, with 3/4 of the readers responding agreeing that the bathrobe incident made Cruz a creepy person who would scare them as President:

Daily Beast - Ted Cruz Creepy - Bathrobe Poll

Daily Beast - Ted Cruz Creepy - Afraid Cruz

We must not downplay the effect of this crazying process, which is directed at all Republican contenders, a point I made last November, The “crazy-ing” of Marco Rubio begins

The Daily Beast and Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown have been at the forefront of crazying Cruz, nominating him for The Craziest Member of Congress and comparing him to the Taliban.  The Daily Beast certainly is not alone.

It’s true, as Erika Johnsen at Hot Air and Ramesh Ponneru at National Review argue, that the substance of the Daily Beast article is not damaging and confused.  But substantive effect is not the reason Murphy wrote it and the Daily Beast and/or Murphy put that headline on it.

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics gets it, A Beastly Attack on Ted Cruz:

The mud is flying early this cycle.

It is three years and three months before the next presidential election, but all it took for Ted Cruz to have his good name smeared was to take a single trip to Iowa where he mentioned that some social conservatives have urged him to run for president.

For this provocation, the freshman senator from Texas — and new Tea Party idol — found himself portrayed in the media by classmates who haven’t spoken to him since he was a freshman in college as not merely a didactic and right-wing teenager, but as some kind of sexual deviant.

Of the four individuals who were willing to speak to Daily Beast reporter Patricia Murphy on the record, two had very flattering things to say of Cruz, one had moderately negative recollections of Cruz being overly self-assured in his political views, and one (Mazin) was harshly critical of Cruz.

Yet the sharply negative view of Cruz is the one that dominates Murphy’s story, serving as both the lead and the conclusion…

All of this was neatly packaged on The Daily Beast’s front page under the headline “Cruz’s ‘Creepy’ Years,” posing the question to its readers: “Can a master debater who used to stroll by the women’s wing of the dorm in a paisley bathrobe be the next president?”

The “master debater” double-entendre is the giveaway….

Ted Cruz Daily Beast Cover Creepy

Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz are forming a new website,, to “unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”

I wish such a thing were not needed. The creepy Daily Beast hit job on Cruz shows why it is.


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Ohh, can we call it the “Politics of Personal Destruction?”

Seriously, they are bellyaching because Ted covered up in the coed dorm? Really? The way I remember it, the creeps were the ones strolling around nekkid.

    casualobserver in reply to Valerie. | August 20, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Surely few on the left, especially the hard left, have any problem with such behavior. We have plenty of examples of those in the elected class who have been excused for worse sexual transgressions, and not just during their “immature” college years.

    No, this is an effort to influence the right. To prove that there are hypocrites among their ranks, etc. Funny that the only thing Murphy can find so far on Cruz (without fabricating facts from suspicions and the like – which will come inevitably) strikes everyone, left and right, as pretty ho-hum college antics.

Everyone I’ve ever mat from Princeton is crazy/quirky in some way. Cruz’s behavior seems mild-quirky by comparison.

And when, exactly, is the statute of limitations on dumb things we’ve all done at some point in our younger years? If they didn’t find anything to work with from college, they’ll go back to high school, or further back if needed just to get that oddball tidbit that will serve their needs.

And of course we can’t really go searching back into Obama’s past because it’s all been legally sealed…for some reason…

Hey, at least the students at Princeton remember Cruz being there, which is more than we can say about Obama’s time at Columbia.

As for the bathrobe incident, that just proves that young Cruz was interested in girls — and it’s not hard to see why Cruz’ heterosexuality seems “creepy” to libs.

This is classic Collectivist smear merchant stuff.

You find a source for apocryphal BS (who happens to be a solid Hollyweird Collectivist in good standing), and you buttress that with “anonymous” sources (who could easily be purely fiction).

FROM THAT, while disregarding every other POSITIVE source at your disposal, you weave the “crazy” meme.

Yet, step back, and compare and contrast Cruz to Obama. Cruz actually HAS an academic record of stellar performance. HE has a record as a very excellent attorney. He is NOT a person who has EVER had a Bill Ayers as a close adviser, or ghost-writer of his own “autobiography”.

casualobserver | August 20, 2013 at 10:40 am

It seems a modern tactic that is gaining popularity from the left is to attack conservatives and those who have respect within some or many factions of the Tea Party FROM THE RIGHT. It’s a new obsession that seems aimed at discrediting people within their constituency – proving them to be hypocrites, or whatever. Perhaps the good news is it may prove that attacking principles from the left is now recognized as ineffective. Or maybe even a failed effort. And I doubt any writer from The Daily Beast, HuffPo, Salon, Slate, etc., will be very influential with those on the right.

But should anyone become a serious presidential candidate, I have to believe the knives will come out from all angles. Perhaps for Cruz, one of those college mates will become a celebrity by going more public with even more recollections and accusations, true or false. Sort of a repeat of what happened to Herman Cain. Or the left’s effort to retaliate for “Swift Boating…”.

Let’ see … Ted Cruz is Hispanic, white, and now being called “creepy” … connect some dots here … I think I see where this is leading — Ted Cruz is another White Hispanic Creepy Ass Cracker!

    casualobserver in reply to donb. | August 20, 2013 at 10:53 am

    No. The left is on a path to prove Cruz is “not really an Hispanic”, just as conservatives who are black are not really “African American”, etc.

All that paisley bathrobe trolling (not in the league with Weiner) sure caught Senator Ted a stellar wife.

Heidi Cruz is a sharp nobody’s fool woman and a winner in more ways than one – Ted was quite a catch! And they have beautiful children.

Some helpful context that was left out of the article: Cruz lived in the Butler dorms at Princeton. These are really ugly dorms built with a weird hall plan, often with 4-6 single rooms or the equivalent in a hallway, then a men’s and women’s bathroom on different sides of the building, then another 4 room hallway generally with members of the opposite sex (I lived there for 2 years). It’s set up bizarrely so that the bathroom contains one shower and one toilet, and you have to walk through the bathroom to get to the next hallway.

Because of the wacky design, it was quite common for students to walk through other hallways in bathrobes if the nearest bathroom was occupied. Of course, it also might be common for a student to walk through an opposite sex hallway in a bathrobe if visiting someone in the hallway. Cruz almost certainly wasn’t wearing a bathrobe to be creepy, he was doing what most other students were doing.

    janitor in reply to Edgehopper. | August 20, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Thanks, Edgehopper. I was wondering about the context. I’m trying to figure out what was “creepy” here — his fashion taste at age 17?

    TugboatPhil in reply to Edgehopper. | August 20, 2013 at 11:39 am

    I live near Virginia Tech and Radford U. I used to see students at Walmart wearing really goofy pants while shopping. After a few times of seeing this I realized they were wearing pajama pants…while shopping…at Walmart.

    No doubt they surf the People of Walmart website and make fun of them.

    Thanks, Edgehopper, nothing like a little background and context. But then, Murphy’s a crack journalist, not important.

They must be really afraid of Ted Cruz.

DINORightMarie | August 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

Again, SOP for the left.

Why doesn’t Breitbart, or some other LARGE Conservative news outlet (or aggregate, e.g. Drudge), call them out as RACIST BIRTHERS?!?!

With evidence in media to support those claims, unlike the unfounded claims they make.

OH, and did you catch the “master debater” line under that picture? Oh, they think they’re so subtle and edgy. Small brains.

    janitor in reply to JoAnne. | August 20, 2013 at 11:28 am

    “Master debater” is going to be code for something? (He sounds convincing, looks good, etc. only because he’s a “master debater”.)

    (Didn’t Fauxawarrenus tout herself as a “champion debater”?)

The creepy woman who wrote the creepy story is the creep.

As Rush Limbaugh so widely publicized, the left will let you know who they fear. They fear Ted Cruz.

This time around, let’s not be so stupid as to allow the GOP leadership to submit to the left’s choosing of our candidate.

Nice use of “Master Debater” also. Could they troll any lower? Answer: Yes. They live amongst the scum at DB.

It seems a bit hypocritical that the left is OK with a serial liar/rapist for 8 years, but someone who has no record of perversion is treated as such because of….”SQUIRREL!”

Ace of Spades talked about this tactic a while back. The use of suggestive headlines is one way to smear Pubs and build up Dems.

Another is juxtaposition. Imagine a woman’s magazine that has, among its headlines, several favorable sounding bits about the latest cool actress, latest cool recipe, latest cool vacation spot, and a headline about Michelle Obama. What would you conclude?

Next issue of the same mag has a headline that warns about herpes, one about sexual harassment in schools, a third regarding a sleazy Hollywood divorce — and a headline about Ann Romney’s Mormon faith. Again, what would you conclude?

This is coming. It’s all coming.

If Karl Rove and the Koch brothers were as smart as they claim, they’d be buying up all the tabloids, women’s magazines and edgy web sites. Instead we have Bezos buying WaPo to make sure it survives to 2016.

No wonder the Pubs are known as the “Stupid Party”.

Henry Hawkins | August 20, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Change the name to Daily Beastiality. This is standard Alinskyism. They already have a template to follow for denigrating popular, charismatic conservatives – they will try to Palinize Cruz.

Count on the GOP leadership to keep quiet about it until Cruz is damaged enough not to upset their plans for the 2016 GOP nominee.

How many of the people who call the bathrobe-strolling “creepy” are the same people who campaigned for coed dorm floors, then coed wings, then coed bathrooms? The same people who think porn stars and Sex Week on campus are great ideas?

The same people who thought it unseemly and outrageous even to ask about Bill Clinton’s behavior toward women, from his Oxford years all the way to the White House?

Makes you wonder who would be president now if we’d been treated to this much information about Barack Obama from his freshman year in college forward. Understanding that it’s not really important–at least we were told it wasn’t six years ago–I for one am still interested. I wonder how many of the 70,000-to-100,000 dead in Mexico over the past dozen years can be laid at the feet of casual collegiate recreational drug users.

Go, fetch, Murph. That’s a good dog.

We need more “creepy” senators like Ted Cruz.

Fear. In their creepy way, the Daily Beast is expressing fear.

Wasn’t Princeton where A Beautiful Mind came from?

Why are they hating on paisley? If it were a solid color bathrobe would that change things?

“At this point, what difference does it make?”

Where is the slime piece on Patricia Murphy in reaction? Where are the links to her photos on the internet?

If pieces like this make you angry, don’t stew. Get even. Get out the hatchets and return tit for tat.

Assuming Patricia Murphy has tits worth tatting, that is.

Is 1067 Tina Brown’s sell-by date, or her age?

Ted is getting Palinized. That means they are really afraid of him. Ted is the voice of reason, that many of us have been waiting for, but he can’t do it alone. This is how we could win. They need to stand for AMERICAN values, responsibility, and honor. If they do that together, we could become a strong country once again.

Fortunately, nearly all those who read the Daily Beast are confirmed doctrination leftists already, and most of the rest are conservatives just looking for the next outrage. The numbers aren’t large in either group.

For Cruz, if Republicans are sane, it matters little. He should serve his term in the Senate and, when the opportunity presents itself, go back to Texas for a term or two as Governor to gain the requisite experience at governance he currently lacks.

By then he will be seasoned and experienced, and Tina Brown will be one of those crazy bag ladies on the streets of New York who screams at every passerby. And they will both be closer to where they deserve to be in their lives.

Ted Cruz, Canadian born, has as much chance getting elected president of the United States, as I do. Or you do.

The media thinks it “runs the news business.” They don’t.

And, people are free to read anything they like.

Henry Hawkins | August 20, 2013 at 2:39 pm

I think it is entirely possible for a candidate with little executive experience to perform well as president. It depends on whether the candidate is aware of personal shortcomings, whether the candidate holds an accurate assessment of his or her strengths and weaknesses, around which are built the new president’s White House staff and cabinet. Such a candidate would require the ability to admit failures and why they happened, coupled with the ability to make the necessary changes.

Obama could have been a good president (ok, ok, on paper, as an example for argument) had not his narcissism got in the way – he has said he can do better any job of any of his subordinates. He also lacks the ability to accept responsibility for mistakes, and since he makes no mistakes, he repeats them.

I’m still studying/vetting Senator Ted Cruz, but so far I am seeing evidence he is just such an insightful and responsible candidate, and with each passing day I am more convinced he is as he presents himself to be politically: a conservative who will not forsake his core principles.

I once wondered if his conservatism was just to get elected, soon to backslide once in congress, but no – he sticks with it, indeed, doubles down repeatedly. So far. I hesitate because the North American species of rhino is a wily critter, imbued with instincts for mimicry and adaptive camouflage, and capable of going to great lengths to remain hidden from predators.

Ted Cruz is on my tentative short list for 2016, along with Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and yes, Sarah Palin. My ‘long’ list includes Rubio, Christie, and Jeb Bush – but is written on the side of a five gallon pail of Pepto-Bismol.

I support Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination because brother, this country really needs a laugh.

nordic_prince | August 20, 2013 at 2:48 pm

According to Dems/Libs:

Sexually harassing women – OK
“Sexting” and tweeting pix of your manhood – OK
Playing with cigars and whatever else with young interns – OK
Reportedly raping women – OK
Leaving young women to drown in submerged vehicles – OK
Playing around on the side with movie starlets – OK


Walking down the hall on the women’s side of the dorm in a paisley bathrobe – KATIE, BAR THE DOOR!!!!

[…] It begins: Daily Beast author targets Ted Cruz for ‘creepiness’. […]

If I were a liberal progressive democrat, I would be terrified at a prospect of a, “President Cruz,” where logic, truth and the constitution would be the guiding factors.

What has happened here is simply the shrieking to be expected from the party of no shame…

Hilry Clinton Creepy at Secretary of State: ” Warriors died;
What difference does it make?”
Billy Clinton Creepy at Foundation: Depending on whether or not 50 million $’s tax free donation money spent on travel is fraudulent or not, depends on what the definition of IS, is.
Barack Hussein Obama Creepy at insisting on playing 432 rounds of golf in 8 yrs as President, with a 23 handicap.

Allow me to echo the numerous commenters who pointed out that Princeton is in NJ, and therefore is a creepy place as a matter of long-established fact.

Truth is, whoever has that bathrobe now is going to make a ton of money if Ted wins the primary. The Daily Least wishes they could find dirt on Ted but considering who his dad is, I imagine Ted didn’t dare mess up as a kid.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to platypus. | August 20, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    “The Daily Least wishes they could find dirt on Ted but considering who his dad is, I imagine Ted didn’t dare mess up as a kid.”

    Makes no difference. They found no dirt on Palin or Romney either. They simply bump to Plan B, which is find someone dirty that Cruz once stood next to or talked to, and smear that guy’s dirt all over Cruz.

    If THAT fails, Plan C is to slime Texas, Cruz’ home state.

    If THAT fails, Plan D is to slime the entire US Senate, of which Cruz is a member.

    If THAT fails, Plan E is to locate some mentally ill woman willing to lie about an extramarital affair, or some Wall Street reprobate willing to lie about illegal finance doings with Cruz, done just before a crucial primary when there is insufficient time to debunk it.

    If THAT fails……

Democrats, with the help of the polls, are attempting to interfere with the GOP candidate selection process yet again with a recent Quinnipiac poll putting Christie in the lead for the Republican nomination, eschewing the fact that Republicans sampled voted Gov. Krispy as the number 8 choice.

If there is a lesson here, it is that Republicans need to quit looking at the national media garbage and run the Republican choice. That should be easier this time around because all viable conservative candidates will have been trashed as Sarah Palin has been in the past.

What we need is a dedicated website where Conservative GOP issues, pro and con, can be discussed without liberal spin. Information obtained from this site by Media Matters, ThinkProgress, et al can be addressed on-site as additional fodder for the cause.

Ted Cruz is HAWT! Who cares what the metrosexuals at Daily Beast say? They won’t know a real man when they see one and certainly won’t know what to do with him.

Sanity meant moral sanity as well as mental sanity. In abandoning the former half of the definition, the left in its moral atrophy is made unable to judge the latter.

BannedbytheGuardian | August 20, 2013 at 8:35 pm

There is a region in China where it is the norm to go out in the evening in your pyjamas.

When they moved here they brought their pyjama custom . I used to see them at te supermarket etc at night – quite cute to see a whole family outfitted .

Sure, that makes perfect sense…. proggies are creeped out by a guy who dons a robe before venturing to the coed end of the hall. They’ve shown themselves to be much more in favor of misogynists and outright rapists.

Henry Hawkins | August 20, 2013 at 9:21 pm

The metrosexuals may prefer a Christie or Rand even, but us Jethrosexuals down here in Possum Holler are warming up right good to Mr. Cruz.

[…] is all part of what William Jacobson has described as the crazying of Ted Cruz and if you think it’s not real, just look at how obsessed the Washington Post is with […]

[…] » The crazying of Ted Cruz continues unabated […]