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The 1%

The 1%

Occupied by a Prius.

Spotted in the IKEA parking lot in Tampa, Florida:

Sign - Tampa - Reserved Parking High Efficiency Vehicles


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I have a 1983 Honda Civic FE that gets the same range of MPG as a Prius but without the complexity.

Could I par there?

    VetHusbandFather in reply to GrumpyOne. | August 4, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Those are all over out here in WA. We have a lot of spaces with the vehicle charging hookups too (I wonder who foots the bill for the power).

    As for GrumpyOne’s comment, I would. If I ever see one without the charging station attached out here I’ll park my motorcycle there in a heartbeat.

I park in them anyway. If they truly believe in their cause, they won’t call a gas hog tow truck, right?

Looks like a perfect spot to park my ford 350 diesel extended cab, long bed, dually pickup!

I would happily park our Big Ass Ford Monster Pickup Truck with it’s Prius Repellent signs located above the two tail pipes in one of those parking places.

Let some Eco-Weiner start yelling something to distract me as I am backing out and he might cause his Smart Car to be flattened like a pancake due to an accidental back-over with the family monster truck.

That’s where my Urban Assault Vehicle (Suburban) is going on my next trip. Diesels are relatively high efficiency, no?

From the graphic on the sign, can I assume that they discriminate against motorcycles and other low-class, high efficiency vehicles, including bicycles?

I’d love to park my 1984 Jeep CJ in one of those spaces. It’s highly efficient at what it’s designed to do… which is go pretty much anywhere.

My Corvette has the same drag coefficient as a Prius. I’m so parking there.

I “drive” something even more energy efficient, a motorcycle, but I’ll bet they’d give me a hard time parking there. Last trip I was getting over 70mpg. Top that Prius drivers!