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That’s so 2008

That’s so 2008

From Peter, a photo taken in Vineyard Haven, Mass. (on Martha’s Vineyard) on State Road just before Main St.:

Now they expect him to save the planet!

From Martha’s Vineyard in the afterglow aftermath of another Obama vacation.

There were quite a few of these signs in the usual “old hippie” locations.  Hippie locations normally have some variation of “Wage Peace not War” signs up, but times have changed.

I guess they feel he can handle the added weight based on how well he has handled –

· The Economy
· Foreign Relations
· Privacy
· The IRS scandal
· The Protection and Truth of our Diplomats
· Race Relations
· Class Warfare
· Education Reform
· Transparency

I’m sure there are a few other reasons that I have forgotten.

Sign - Martha's Vineyard - Save Now


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Hey Ed, how many bridges do we have left in inventory? Holy Cow, that many! I think we can finally get rid of ’em. They are scads of ready and willing buyers in Massachusetts.

Can he save the Earth by giving a campaign speech to a bunch of college kids?

Henry Hawkins | August 30, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Save the world?

This can only be interpreted as a call for Mr. Obama’s resignation. These, clearly, are racist old hippies.

I had no idea that South Africa was within spitting distance of Brazil. Geography sure has changed since I was in high school…

President Moron. Literally.

This bozo is about as talented as Hillary Weiner Clinton, and about as honest.

‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on a nation — and could have only been perpetrated only with the help of a completely corrupt ‘news’ media and a completely corrupt educational system.

If we don’t change either, expect Act II: ‘Hillary Clinton, the World’s Smartest Woman.’

Probably planted there by Valerie Jarrett.