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Slow ride

Slow ride

take it easy.

From Tugboat Phil in Virginia:

I was perusing Ebay for Simplicity riding mowers and found a great addition to the bumper sticker collection.

I’d never seen a mower quite this adorned before, but I may have to do mine up now.

This was for auction in Michigan of all places.

Bumper Sticker - EBay - Simplicity Mower Nobama


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I saw Foghat in 1978 at Selland Arena in Fresno. Eddie Money opened for them.

It was awesome.

Just like in some other states, in Michigan, if you get away from Democrat nesting sites such as Detroit, Flint,Pontiac, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids(Gerald Ford not withstanding), the vast majority of the state is conservative/libertarian.
There IS a reason the state has a Republican Gov., Republican
Legislature, and became a right to work state last year.

All this dissent and yet the anointed one rules supreme…

PersonFromPorlock | August 2, 2013 at 4:43 pm

Note to anyone looking for a riding mower: For Heaven’s sake, avoid the cheapest ones, identifiable through the steering linkage connecting to the front wheels with just a bent rod instead of a sealed ball joint. The holes will wear oval and the steering will go to Hell – along with other problems caused by excessive cost-cutting.