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Run, Joe, Run

Run, Joe, Run

for President in 2016.

He’s our best, and maybe only, hope. 

At a minimum he will generate numerous quotables regarding his likely opponent, Hillary.  If by some miracle he’s the nominee, it will be a big f-ing deal when it comes to our chances of winning the White House.

Ted Cruz’s Joe Biden joke

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, shared some jokes at Vice President Joe Biden’s expense on Saturday as he spoke at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.

“Vice President Joe Biden,” Cruz began, pausing for a moment as the crowd laughed.

“You know the nice thing is that you don’t even need a punchline,” he added as the crowd roared with laughter.

“You just say his name and people laugh,” Cruz noted, reminding the crowd of Biden’s advice about firing a shotgun in the air if a person’s house was under attack.

“Which is very very good advice,” Cruz added. “If it so happens you are being attacked by a flock of geese.”

Caffeinated Thoughts has Cruz’s full speech from the conference – Cruz’s Biden jokes begins at at the 7.00 minute mark.


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Love Ted Cruz! Disappointed though with news coming out about him winning some Iowa poll; the guy is NOT a natural born citizen. If he runs, knowing he is not a NBC, well, it says everything and that is he is not who he says he is. He has the perfect example to NOW point out he can not be president, explain why, and let others see, as a domino effect that the dear leader current residing in the WH is not a NBC for the very same reason; both parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth. BUT TED does not do this. There is more than enough information out there and been presented to him for him to KNOW he is not a NBC and to run for president would be a slap in the face of the Constitution. Funny thing is, conservative will vote for him anyway because he is not democrat, even if NOT a NBC; Yep, for the Constitution and the rule of law until along comes a guy who could win and we like everything else about him, so who cares, what does it matter anyway, it is our chance to take the country back. NOPE for Cruz to run is in-your-face obvious he is wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, as I love the guy and the stands he takes, I sure hope he does not run and leave me all disillusioned like so many before him.

would love to be able vote for him, will not vote for him.
I take a strict view of NBC based off of vattel and the thinking of the founders when they wrote that phrase applying to only 2 positions in our government.
and I have been doing this long before obama came on the scene and it was suddenly racist to do so.
and I will say no more here nor respond to any replies.

When I played the video, there was an Ad that read:

Urgent National Poll:
Should GOP Fight Obama on Gun Control?

The interesting part is that the (Close Ad) button was exactly on the (NO) choice.
The perception I got was that I could easily send a (NO) vote even if my intention was to just close the Ad.

Looks like a very, very low and cheap trick to me. I wonder how many of those Obama-is-so-popular poll results are actually based on deception.

Hate ta bust your bubble, but Iowa is not the place where stars are born. It’s more like a revival tent. (Or freak show.) And, it’s on par with trying to make Elmer Gantry a front runner.

Good for business, though.

Trump, supposedly, has also jumped into Iowa’s “pool.”

And, we’re still in 2013! You’d think 2014, with so many governors needing to race again … that what happens in Iowa now … stays in Iowa.

Hey Professor… you truly believe that having Joe run is our best, and maybe only, hope?

It appears that gloom and doom has bitten you along with the rest of us who fear that we have lost everything our forefathers fought so hard to achieve.

I’ve followed you long enough to know that you let your emotions show in times of victory or when it seems that all is lost. That’s part of the beauty of this blog. You are always honest with us, but I know that defeatism is not a part of you so join me in saying: I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS! …take a deep breath, and carry on with the fight.

He’s our best, and maybe only, hope.

I tend to agree, except for one big problem.

What if he wins?

    walls in reply to rinardman. | August 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    If he wins [as consolation prize] we get four years of great late night comedy. Plus the SNL guy [Sudekis?] does a funny impersonation of Uncle Joe.

Both parties suffer from facial distortions. Reid, a Mormon from Nevada. Where people think Nevada is all about the mafia, and gambling casinos. Nope. Nevada holds the biggest contingent of Mormons outside of Utah. (And, those folk don’t gamble. Nor do they drink.)

How did Reid reach the top of the senate banana tree? He understands politics on the order of LBJ, who also once controlled the senate. (And, in LBJ’s time, it was a Republican president. Eisenhower, however, was an outsider. And, what he did, with LBJ’s help, was grow the government like nobody’s business.)

So as much as you see two different parties … You’ve actually got only one. Doesn’t matter which one, either. They both behave in the same ways. As they appeal to different sets of people.

But it looks like you’re visiting an old age home.

Because of all the old geezers … ahead … something will change … Given that nature is finally given her due.

But what about DC? Does that town ever change?

When Reagan won there was a flood of fresh new republican blood needed to find spaces in which to live. Very few of these people settle for a hotel room.

And, if you saw Gary Condit getting shoved out on a fake murder charge … supposedly because his wife has six fingers. Or he had anything to do with Chandra Levy’s death … Take your pick. You’d know what really ran the town. Which is “you can get scrubbed if the media runs fake charges against ya. Especially if they can make it look like a long time married married is cheating on his wife. This does not apply to democraps.

Why do incumbents keep getting re-elected? Well, some don’t. So the power structure advances those who are there the longest. Instead of a better system, which would acknowledge talent.

What can Ted Cruz win in the summer of 2013? If he were an ear of corn, he’d be plucked out and eaten as food long before 2014’s competitions come running around.

2014? Localized. Lots of governors are up for re-election. 1/3 of the senate. But most likely 24 of 33 will be democrats. I give odds they run far away from Obama. And, they’ll keep their seats.

There’s no job on earth quite like getting elected to Congress. Because if you get “in” … you still need to play ball with the likes of Reid and McConnell in the senate. And, Boehner, or Pelosi, in da’ house.

Dats how you know the game’s corrupted. And, favors extremists. While in general elections you’re hoping an “extremist” can be painted on your opponent’s target. And, every device known to advertising is used to paint a very unrealistic picture of the ordinary. And, what passes in DC as belonging “to the people.”

Not quite. The town, itself, worries the most about party invites. And, free meals. Plus, bargain priced travel. Where no matter who you are, you get to be accompanied by staff. Sort’a like having a butler who tears off the toilet paper sheet by sheet. To keep you happy. And, away from your own dreck.

Ah, how many people would like to bet that in 2016 the democratic candidate will be Kerry? (Not Hillary.) Even though neither one of them has all that many friends.

But Kerry did something “bold” (for a senator), back in 2008. He went on stage, in 2006, and said he wasn’t going to bid for the 2008 nomination.

Me thinks, bestirring the land, are types of “old” … like Ross Perot (but not him, exactly). Who will come forward to run on an independent party ticket. Plus, as always you’ll see Ralph Nader up there, too.

When Perot ran in 1992 he staged an “insane moment” where he threatened (or actually did), pull out of the race before election day. And, he still got 19% of the vote. Which had Bush running 3rd. And, of course, Bill Clinton winning “by a plurality.” Trump has just jumped into Iowa. So anything ahead is possible.

Will the republicans pick a candidate who is sure to lose?

listingstarboard | August 12, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Get pro-active in preventing Hillary from winning–DONATE TO KEN CUCCINELLI. Terry Mcauliffe will ENSURE Clinton runs and wins. Put your money where your mouths are and help a true CONSERVATIVE become Governor Of Virginia!!!!!!!!

Let’s pause for a moment to have another laugh at Biden.

His self-defense advice is : Take a weapon with only two rounds ( he specifically said ‘that old double-barrel shotgun’) and empty it into the air.

IOW – pre-emptively disarm yourself, and make SURE the bad guy knows you did so.

OK, now let’s talk more about how the Republican Party can elect the next President Clinton by putting forth unelectable candidates of their own.

Let’s see – Dole & McCain (based on ‘next old white guy who’s been waiting in line the longest’), Romney (Some old white guy no one nationally ever heard of outside of the Inner Beltway and one or two states – MA and Utah).

How shall they fuck it up this time ?

To some, “being in the game,” means everything. They are the “in” people (along with Orca) in Hollywood. And, they are the “in” crowd when it comes to horse-racing presidential winnahs. Some, like McCain, are retired (losers). But others just head for the nearest microphone to claim 2016 status.

Guess who’s running in 2016? I’ve already picked Kerry for the democrats. And, it’s still open who will run as the republican. But it’s not a hefty field at all. Most young folk may get distracted by an “independent?”

If it’s an “independent” it’s gonna be a guy (not a gal), loaded for bear when it comes to money. A “Google” bear? Maybe.

For sure, the republicans that won’t get the nod include Ted Cruz. Dole, Libby or Bob. Or Romney.

But I’m giving Mitch Daniels a potential spot. (Not Christie.)

Daniels is as under the radar as anyone can be. His state never suffered from the housing bubble. Real estate in Indiana is still affordable. And, there’s lots of jobs. Yes, you can thank the governor. Good man. And, doesn’t owe out any favors.

Being grey doesn’t count against ya in the internet age.

And, yes. I’m taking Kerry over Hillary. Where he wouldn’t even nominate her to be his veep. You want a candidate? Reid.

Carol, Harry Reid won’t run as VP. Why should he give up all his power to sit for 4 years in a do-nothing, no power slot? If he has Presidential ambitions he will run on his own bat because he’ll be ancient by 2020.