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Resist we must

Resist we must

From J:

BORG: Resistance Is Futile

With the Obama O in the middle. Perfect.

Spotted on a car from the People’s Collective of Maryland, traveling through People’s Democratic Republic of Charlottesville, VA.

Bumper Sticker - Charlottesville, VA - BORG

Bumper Sticker - Charlottesville, VA - BORG close up


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Resistance is MANDATORY.

Love Trekkies! So the Borg had ‘Locutus’ to lead mankind into submission. I guess that makes President Obama ‘Polutus’ … or after the individual mandate, perhaps it should be PO*loot*us …

Most on the left see the Star Trek meme as an allegory for a social utopia done right. Therefore, I don’t think the owner of that bumper sticker meant it as sarcasm. I think he meant it as “If you don’t get on board with Obama, you’re finished.”

I agree with Ragspierre. Resistance is Mandatory.

We gotta be Species 3862(?).