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NY Times “trolling tween concerts for readers”

NY Times “trolling tween concerts for readers”

There’s a “they told me if I voted for Mitt Romney …” joke in here someplace.

From a reader:


I’m with my daughter at a Back Street Boys concert in Virginia. While having a snack, noticed some young men setting up a merchandise stand nearby. Then out came the NYT sign.

They were giving out free concert t-shirts to encourage people to sign up for a NYT subscription.

Wow, so this is the state of the mainstream, elitist media? Relegated to trolling tween concerts for readers!

I guess the indoctrination starts early.

Your loyal reader

You know what I say “Wow” to? The Back Street Boys still exist.

NY Times Back Street Boys Concert

In fairness, trying to attract a younger readership makes sense.  According to the NY Times stats provided to potential advertisers, the average NY Times newspaper reader’s age is 52.  The Sunday Magazine reader average age is 54.  By comparison, the average Republican voter’s age is a spritely 50!

The Times does a little better online, with an average age of 44, but still, they could use some more tweens.

Maybe the rumor is true, the Times wants to compete with Teen Vogue, but please, no “Paul Krugman wearing a bandana and a cool pair of shades.”  That would be gross.


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>You know what I say “Wow” to? The Back Street Boys still exist.<

I'm floored that anyone pays to see them!

The big problem with the NYT and the rest of the MSM, is that they are considered “reliable sources” for Wikipedia, which is today’s equivalent of Revealed Truth.

Before the age 50 quote scares you, please note the entire quote:

The average Republican is about 50 years old. The average age for democrats is 47.7 years old.

Desperate “Times” call for desperate measures…

I understand that the NYT also had a similar booth set up during Indian Market in Santa Fe last week.

“Fishwrap here, get your fishwrap here.”

Henry Hawkins | August 21, 2013 at 11:00 am

They have a booth at the Possum Holler flea market too.

Midwest Rhino | August 21, 2013 at 11:01 am

The average voter knows little till they get a job and take on some responsibility in life. That might start at an average age of 28. With a life expectancy (of those that make it to 28) of 79, it seems age 50 is a pretty sweet spot to be.

Of course reaching the youth is important, but Republicans should not be so ashamed that those aligned with conservatism are more mature. When it comes to anti-white racists, dreamy youth, and entitlement seekers … Democrats may always own that gullible, less virtuous demographic.

NY Times reading liberals cling to their “enlightenment class” religion, but their depth seldom probes beyond bigoted talking points or cutesy song lyrics. Those folks are reachable if they’ll read the Tea Party leaves. They’ve been scalded repeatedly by hot lies from Obama/Clinton, and many are just confused conservatives that have been seduced by the glitz.

Cruz forms arguments and cleanly handles adversarial interviews. Cruz/Palin and others are catching the wave, while the dead tree liberals get washed out with the tide. The old statists have nothing new to offer … the constitution is still the hippest thing in politics, with or without a boys band.

Gasp – free Back Street Boys t-shirts sponsored by the NYT in order to sell subscriptions, even!

Please – back in biblical times when I was a college student, students earned extra money (and all the cigarettes they could smoke) by distributing free four-packs of Marlboros, Merits, L & Ms – you name it, to other students.

There are no new ideas in the world, just new execution of old ideas.