There’s a “they told me if I voted for Mitt Romney …” joke in here someplace.

From a reader:


I’m with my daughter at a Back Street Boys concert in Virginia. While having a snack, noticed some young men setting up a merchandise stand nearby. Then out came the NYT sign.

They were giving out free concert t-shirts to encourage people to sign up for a NYT subscription.

Wow, so this is the state of the mainstream, elitist media? Relegated to trolling tween concerts for readers!

I guess the indoctrination starts early.

Your loyal reader

You know what I say “Wow” to? The Back Street Boys still exist.

NY Times Back Street Boys Concert

In fairness, trying to attract a younger readership makes sense.  According to the NY Times stats provided to potential advertisers, the average NY Times newspaper reader’s age is 52.  The Sunday Magazine reader average age is 54.  By comparison, the average Republican voter’s age is a spritely 50!

The Times does a little better online, with an average age of 44, but still, they could use some more tweens.

Maybe the rumor is true, the Times wants to compete with Teen Vogue, but please, no “Paul Krugman wearing a bandana and a cool pair of shades.”  That would be gross.

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