So, about that expected wave of new gun violence in concealed-carry counties in Illinois. This is a good question.


“There haven’t been any problems,” Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said. “I suspect that no one is even aware when someone around them is carrying.  Responsible citizens continue to act responsibly, so there is no problem.”

Prosecutors in Madison County, along with Macon, Randolph, Tazewell, and handful of other counties have either announced they will not take cases against law-abiding citizens who are simply carrying a gun, as long as they have a valid Illinois firearms owner identification card.

“We continue to prosecute criminals who carry firearms while engaged in criminal behavior as we have always done,” Gibbons said.

The Illinois general assembly voted last month to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto on the legislature’s concealed carry bill, making it the last state to allow some form of concealed carry of firearms.  A prior ban on doing so in the state was ruled unconstitutional last year by an appeals court.

It’s only been a month so far, but perhaps allowing municipalities to permit citizens the extra measures to defend themselves in Illinois isn’t turning out to be such a bad idea after all, Governor.