On April 27, 2012, I wrote One less guard on the wall:

Don Surber is giving up blogging:

After 7 years of blogging, I am quitting. I am exhausted. It was simply too much work. I am still employed by the Charleston Daily Mail and still writing editorial and columns and performing the sundry other tasks that go with any job.

Blogging was something extra. I loved blogging because I came in contact with readers directly. But over the past few months I realized I cannot continue doing both. I ain’t Superman.

I will miss you all and I appreciate the support from those who have emailed me.

I then entered into one of my periodic “woe is me” thingies:

I understand it.  I really do.

I often joke about blogger burnout, but it’s a diagnosed condition for a reason….

Independent conservative bloggers are a dying breed, I’m sorry to say.  They either burnout, or they join an established website.

Yet the walls still have to be guarded by independent bloggers who bear a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom, and while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, you want us on that wall, you need us on that wall.

Thank you for your service, Don.

Having written another one of those “thingies” just last weekend, I was surprised today when I realized that as of August 8, Don Surber had returned to duty guarding the wall:

He calls himself now “The Official Scorekeeper of the 2016 Election“:

Don Surber new banner


My spirits are lifted. My faith in mankind restored. (let’s not get carried away here)

Bring it on 2016.