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More evidence Hillary is running

More evidence Hillary is running

She’s already playing the race card.

To add on top of the war-on-women card.

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That, and Anthony Weiner’s slip of the tongue (I know, not the imagery you want in the morning), Anthony Weiner: Huma Will Play Role In Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign:

When asked whether he knew what Abedin’s role on Hillary Clinton’s possible presidential campaign would be in 2016, Weiner said only, “I do. I’m not telling you.”

Get ready for it, it’s coming.


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Of course Hillary is running. Would you prefer Joe Biden?

    randian in reply to myiq2xu. | August 13, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Yes, I would prefer Biden. He’s beatable. He can’t play the “if you don’t vote for me you’re a sexist pig” card. He’s not as smart and devious as Hillary.

fellonblackdays | August 13, 2013 at 10:26 am

What is up with Weiner’s stupid attitude? He’s like a little child who thinks he is really clever. Go back and read or listen to some of his quotes… stupid little child.

HILLARY 2016 – Bring Back the White House China!

Old Walleyes will run. She will not be nominated.

But she does not know how NOT to run.

The Clintons are always running. The same is true of Obama, but the difference is that the Clintons can govern if they win. The damage that’s been done to our political process (namely, Congress and SCOTUS largely kowtowing to the Executive Branch) is not the environment I want Hillary to inherit.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to windbag. | August 13, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Re: the Clinton regime:

    “Andrew Cuomo is truly a diabolical character. Few know that his fingerprints are all over the 2008 financial crisis. As the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton, Cuomo forced banks — yes, forced banks — to dispense with their longstanding mortgage underwriting practices and begin issuing no-documentation-required home loans. In the interest of fairness, of course.

    We all know how that particular Cuomo brainstorm worked out.”

    CLINTON’S ONLY GOOD STATS came due to NEWT’s policies, not the Clinton leftist MO.

    Newt could have done more to restore America and continue the Reagan healthy policies, but the Bushite corrupt/big government socialist Republicans were acting in collusion with the left and opposition to good policy and honesty even then.

Cries of ‘ Racism! ‘ should be so passé these days.

Time to start thinking — FORWARD!

…and get ahead of the curve.

And as long as she’s in the running, you’ll hear “Benghazi … Benghazi …” and how she fell and hit her widdle head and had to take a month of medical rest/leave in the immediate aftermath of Benghazi … the RNC/GOP will have a ball painting her complicit and weak …

    Uncle Samuel in reply to MrE. | August 13, 2013 at 11:10 am


    Musson in reply to MrE. | August 13, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    And, at every turn the press will be covering for her. They love the Clintons much more than Obama. If Obama had Hillary as the VP – the Press would have had him resign in disgrace by now and HIll would be President.

Republicans really need to fight back on this voter ID issue. A large majority of Americans support it. Hell, even the UN observers who came here in 2012 were astonished at how lax our voting security is.

It’s common sense that only legally eligible voters should vote in our elections, and that they should vote only one time. Thanks to our idiotic immigration policies, we have tens of millions of vote-ineligible foreigners living illegally in our country, many of whom have multiple forms of fake ID; we need a system that limits their ability to cast votes in our elections.

Americans understand this. Why do so many American politicians seem unable (or unwilling) to grasp it?

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Observer. | August 13, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Plus, the typical Obama voter votes multiple times with multiple aliases at multiple addresses.

    One Obama voter may vote 3-12 times.
    Obama voters also vote from the grave, or if they are not citizens.

    No wonder some districts had more votes than registered voters.

    No wonder Holder is fighting voter IDs and defending voter fraud so vehemently.

Only in America do efforts to fight voter fraud become “voter suppression,” a criticism aimed at a non-white becomes “racism” and refusing to underwrite the alley cat lifestyle of a Georgetown slut becomes a “war on women.” George Orwell’s “1984” is a soft-sell.

Still waiting for someone to explain to me how the same electorate that elected Obama twice will not elect Hillary.

Talk Benghazi, Obamacare, race baiting all you want. All that matters is she is a progressive.

And the new influx of voters….well, how do you say ‘Benghazi’ in Spanish?

    Tortuga in reply to Browndog. | August 13, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    The electorate that elected Obummer, 2 times, can be 1/3rd nullified by voter id and 1/3 increased by a candidate that is a Junk yard dog, in all things American and forever relegated to the ash heap of history by the same candidate following through with truth, justice, rule of law,and punishment for the traitors; foreign and domestic.

After all this time in the spotlight, this woman still can’t find a flattering hairstyle or flattering clothes. Doesn’t she have a bazillion Hollywood friends who can help?

That styling is straight out of 1978.

I see no reason why she won’t win in 2016. The people who will vote for her don’t give a crap what she has or has not done or said, just that she’s a Clinton (they’ll be getting Bill back, yay!) and that she’s a Democrat. I have zero confidence in the American electorate after 2012.

Hilry is absolutely correct. Racism from the current administration is unchecked as is voter suppression of American Citizens by undocumented dimocrats/RINO’s/SEIU’s, Mediamatter/undercover commiepinkoenvironmentaltreehugginMcShameRubeolawyerpolitical hores.

My money bet’s on Kerry, not Hillary.

If you look at DC these days you’d see Hillary doesn’t count there at all. Kerry counts there!

And, Kerry wants another shot. (Usually, in politics, a loser gets a second chance.) Don’t know if this holds true for Romney, or not. (But, as an example, in 1948, the republicans feared General Douglas MacArthur. Instead, they went and gave another shot to Dewey. Dewey had both coasts rooting for him. And, Truman, then rode the rails … up and down America’s midsection. And, WON. Though he did get to hold up an early headline “DEWEY WON” … so it became one of those iconic headlines.

If you think Hillary’s “in like Flynn,” then you’re overlooking da’ money. People really don’t like her. Especially not the elites. With their money.

Biden bounces out easily. Kerry’s left to collect the title. And, Obama is in his corner “rooting.”

People who vote for democrats aren’t impressed with what the republicans have to say.

And, since we’re talking about the future, where no one really knows ahead of time what can happen, I’m just willing to think it won’t be Hillary. Won’t be Biden.

As often as liberals crash and disrupt republican events, I would LOVE to see a few conservative operatives crash Hillary events to ask “What does your husband think about …” and watch her explode.

Henry Hawkins | August 13, 2013 at 1:52 pm

North Carolinian lefties from Murphy to Manteo are spinning in circles with their hair on fire over the Bam! Bam! Bam! of dropping conservative bills, like the most recent Voter ID Bill. If I could harness the power of their apoplexy, the world could stop drilling for oil tomorrow. It’s like I died and woke up on January 20, 1981.

I don’t feel noways tired – NOT! I am so tired of Hillary RODHAM Clinton that I could scream. Just thinking about listening to this voice for four more years gives me heartburn. Please, please, just go away.

OH, you missed the best part of this speech! She changed Medgar Evers to Medgar Evans!

Not Hillary. Not Joe Biden. Kerry! He ran once and came close. Then, in 2005, Harry Reid had Kerry make a big announcement. In it Kerry said he wasn’t going to try for a re-match in 2008. Reid chose Obama to run. And, the rest is history.

Obama has now chosen Kerry to be his Secretary of State, and the media separated the curtains so that Kerry could look like presidential timber. According to Harry Reid’s rules. Or the democratic party’s rules … Kerry can collect his prize.

Hillary’s nowhere near the money she’d need. Kerry could get every dollar from the saud’s. And, Biden’s a joke.

Obama comes out and backs Kerry. Yeah. It could happen. Though none of us have real access to much information other than trying to weave puzzle pieces together.

I’m reading OUR TOWN, by by Mark Liebovich. He doesn’t provide an index. He says if people want to know who’s in his book, they need to buy his book. And, read it. Eye opening in how he shows how Harry Reid became such a power.

Yes. He is. In a town where Reid doesn’t partake of the party circuit at all. He just “does stuff.” And, quickly. legislation passes. (Same way LBJ passed all of Eisenhower’s legislative wishes.) Obama is not like a salmon swimming upstream, when it comes to the Senate.

Boehner is just a pushover. So Pelosi probably has access to more power among House members than Boehner does.

Party labels aren’t enough to understand the workings inside the halls of power.

Obama? He doesn’t make waves. But a low key can fool ya.

Hillary, on the other hand is shrill. I wouldn’t let the NY Times pick a horse for me to bet on.

“Medgar EVANS”..!!! Love it, but she’ll pay NO PRICE. Trust me.

My head spins like Linda Blair’s in ‘The Exorcist’ with this “Voter Suppression” Garbage. What mythological-lying bullshit. Why, oh why, oh WHHHYYYYYY is the Current-Valid ID required for travel, liquor purshases, bank loans, home buying, etc. “SUPPRESSION” when reqiired to vote and thus to avoid FRAUD at the polls??!!

Hillary Hon: You have looked the other way for decades from your dear malignant narcissist/sex addict hubby’s thousands of trists. That makes your overweening ambition absolutely craven and your Vast Co-Dependency beyond any current record.

She’s running.

She’s also drinking.

She’s also going to get humiliated. Again.

A new hairdo and a new pantsuit will be the final clue. That, and a surge of cigar sales addressed to FHOTUS, Chappaquiddick, MA