Some good stuff in the Tip Line (which is more of a reader open forum than just for “tips”).

H/t to JCClarke for the link I used in this tweet today:

And this tip from Bruno Lesky shows how the fight against progressive propaganda is taking place at the school level, even in Texas:

Here’s an excerpt from the new curriculum that Texas teachers developed “to benefit Texas students” Truly … traitorous:

[T]he lesson plan on the Boston Tea Party depicts it as “a local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port. Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities.”

Quote taken from PJ Media article in which Texax Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has a plan to stop it. However, 897 school districts out of 1200 are planning on using this curriculum when school opens later this month!!

And Duchess of Kitty reminds people of our focus on the SPLC:

Oh please, Morris… Don’t. Make. Me. Laugh!

Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Our Hate Map Doesn’t Cause Anybody to Attack’

(Of special attention to Professor, who has undressed this fraud several times before.)


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