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“Just like he saved Detroit” Week at College Insurrection

“Just like he saved Detroit” Week at College Insurrection

Obama wants to fix the Higher Education Bubble.

You’re not done saving Detroit, please leave us alone:

I’ve got it: If we have too many lawyers already, let’s figure out a way to churn them out faster at lower cost so more people apply which increases the oversupply.  It worked so well with the housing market:

Actually, I have a better idea.  Let’s reduce presidential terms to two years instead of four, retroactively, so Presidents can make it to the lecture circuit without running up as much national debt.

Please tell me “Yes he can” … ah, that feels better:

Now we juxtapose:

Language Warning

What, me worry about political influence on campus?

“Diversity” ain’t what it used to be:

Sad for the “beneficiary” that is:

You’re going to have to show me some proof of this:

It’s called the “pursuit of happiness”:

Truth to power:


Oh, shut up already.  Sorry, that’s so unprofessional of me to put it that way, but it made me feel good:

I knew I should have majored in Econ:


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I’m pretty sure that former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten committed a battery when he physically threw the book at James O’Keefe.

Women without dignity should reduce themselves to the sum of their parts. This does not, however, reflect on other women who value their dignity. So, I support the topless rights rebels… with a cause and without a clue. I support the rights of confused people everywhere to be… well, to be confused.

My school, University of Utah, also does not have air conditioning in most of its buildings. And yet the vast majority of the student and faculty population is white. Are we to suffer because the majority is white? Is this racial discrimination? We also do not have decent parking accommodations. I have other concerns, but let’s first address these two critical issues.

Obama’s college affordability plan could raise costs

BarryCare goes to college, neat eh?

This is only a small part of the big picture. More and more people are connecting the dots that lead to why Obama was elected, the taking over of academia by progressives, the edict that demands socialized health care etc.

I all leads back to Karl Marx, the radicals of the 1960’s many of whom were and continue to be close intimates of the anointed one in the quest to collapse this country from within.

A Manchurian candidate (twice elected) indeed… Mr. O’Keefe has his work cut out for him!