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Is John Kerry “concern” trolling Israel?

Is John Kerry “concern” trolling Israel?

Mideast Media Sampler 08/14/2013

For the third time in two weeks we have a report about Secretary of State Kerry’s concern for Israel.

First in the New York Times:

With the Palestinians poised to take their claim for statehood to the International Criminal Court and United Nations bodies, American officials say the two sides were facing a downward spiral in which the Israelis would respond by cutting off financing to the Palestinian territories and European nations might curtail their investment in Israel, further isolating the Israelis.

Then it was in the Times of Israel:

An optimistic-sounding Kerry asked the Jewish leaders for their help in supporting the newly restarted talks, The Times of Israel learned, saying that he feared for Israel’s future if a peace deal is not reached.

Yesterday it was Jeffrey Goldberg:

Kerry, capitalizing on this anxiety, has warned Netanyahu in recent weeks that if the current peace talks bear no fruit, Israel may soon be facing an international delegitimization campaign — in his words — “on steroids.”

This is not the behavior of someone who’s concerned. Mahmoud Abbas’s international campaign against Israel is a violation of the principle of direct negotiations that supposedly underlies the peace process. Kerry, as America’s top diplomat, has the power to use words, or, if those fail, soft power to dissuade Abbas from doing so. He has chosen, instead, to stand aside.

In trying to build support for his peace plan, Kerry is now trying to build it among American Jews. First he broadcast his message to Jewish-American liberals through the New York Times. But they were probably a receptive audience anyway. Then he went to the Jewish leaders with a soft sell, though promising more vigorous lobbying later. Then he went to Jeffrey Goldberg, who has on a number of occasions, faithfully carried the administration’s message for them. Goldberg’s audience is different from the first. They might be more skeptical but Goldberg isn’t a knee jerk liberal, so his support matters.

Still in all this messaging something’s missing: The Washington Post. There has obviously been reporting on Kerry’s initiative, after all he’s the Secretary of State and this is clearly a priority of the administration. But in the past month there have been about two op-eds about the peace process and no unsigned editorials about it. (In contrast the New York Times, which has featured numerous staff editorial, a Thomas Friedman column, a series of Roger Cohen columns telling Israel how important it is to make peace and assorted op-eds too.)

Why the disinterest at the Washington Post? I can think of two reasons.

In 2010 when someone publicized a building tender for Jerusalem while Vice President Biden was visiting, the Obama administration made it into a major diplomatic incident. But the Washington Post didn’t approve.

But Mr. Obama risks repeating his previous error. American chastising of Israel invariably prompts still harsher rhetoric, and elevated demands, from Palestinian and other Arab leaders. Rather than join peace talks, Palestinians will now wait to see what unilateral Israeli steps Washington forces. Mr. Netanyahu already has made a couple of concessions in the past year, including declaring a partial moratorium on settlements. But on the question of Jerusalem, he is likely to dig in his heels — as would any other Israeli government. If the White House insists on a reversal of the settlement decision, or allows Palestinians to do so, it might land in the same corner from which it just extricated itself.

Of course there was a reason for the misgivings expressed in 2010. Jackson Diehl, a member of the editorial board, profiled Mahmoud Abbas shortly after President Obama was elected.

Abbas and his team fully expect that Netanyahu will never agree to the full settlement freeze — if he did, his center-right coalition would almost certainly collapse. So they plan to sit back and watch while U.S. pressure slowly squeezes the Israeli prime minister from office. “It will take a couple of years,” one official breezily predicted. Abbas rejects the notion that he should make any comparable concession — such as recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, which would imply renunciation of any large-scale resettlement of refugees.

I don’t know if the Washington Post sidelined itself or if its skepticism has meant that the administration won’t use it for its Middle East messaging.

It’s also important to remember that when Abbas, after Obama failed to force Netanyahu from office or change his position on settlements, announced that he would reject direct negotiations and seek international pressure on Israel in an op-ed in the New York Times in May, 2011.

The Obama administration didn’t exercise any diplomatic leverage against Abbas or even condemn this rejection of the premise of the peace process. When Kerry says he is worried about Israel’s isolation, he is shedding crocodile tears. He could use his position to fight Israel’s isolation, but that is not his or the administration’s interest. According to report in Ha’aretz, an EU official said that the administration gave “tacit support” to Europe’s recent restrictions on awards to Israeli concerns in Judea and Samaria.

It’s hard to say that Kerry is “worried” about Israel’s isolation when he and the administration are working actively to increase that isolation.


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Simply put: Yes.

This is pretty common, way before the State of Israel. “We just want to help you Jews, so of course you must change your way of life.” It’s done by secular Jews to religious Jews, also.

God save us from such sympathy. And this from a supposed anti-colonialist!

If I was there, I would have said, “why should Israel release murderers, if you won’t even release Pollard”?

And, for the record, as an Israeli, you have succeeded in scaring me.

You want a peace agreement? I’ll give you a peace agreement. Just have the US say that since Abbas won’t come to the table, the official policy is to support new settlements (not just new housing). If that doesn’t cause Abbas to run to he table, nothing will.

Of course, a peace agreement is basically the opposite of peace.

It has been a worry of mine for a long time that it is not possible for Israel to exist alongside its Arab neighbors, because of the Arab intransigent refusal to allow Israel the right to exist and Jews there the right to life. Now the United States has de facto abandoned its support for Israel. My fear is that the only way Israel can continue to exist is for it to conquer and subdue all of its Arab neighbors, creating a buffer zone around Israel proper. Unfortunately, that solution would also require killing a very large portion of the Arab population as well as forcing the governments to submit to Israeli hegemony. Without the continued and open support of the U.S., Israel faces a future filled with choices which range from allowing their own people to be wiped out to killing a large number of their fellow-humans who are Arab. We need to force the blind idiots and fools who presently direct American foreign policy that they are creating the conditions for a war of extermination in the Mid East.

Kerry = Incompetent Person

Kerry + Government = Dangerous Incompetent Person

Kerry + Power + Government = Severe Dangerous Entity

In short, Kerry could only be gainfully employed by the government. No serious private sector organization would ever hire him UNLESS they were on the government dole.

My advice to Israel… Ignore him as he will not lead you to the promised land but to oblivion.

    Carol Herman in reply to GrumpyOne. | August 14, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Kerry is in line of becoming the democratic presidential nominee in 2016. (He stepped aside in 2008 so Obama could run.)

    Hillary doesn’t have enough friends! You can take a look at this where both Kerry and Hillary were in the senate. Kerry was a big player. Hillary didn’t make one friend! How hard is it to make friends if the circle only contains 100 people?

    How the elites work is by manipulating the press. Hillary and Oprah have this skill. Doesn’t mean what is said is well received, though. Take Oprah’s statement that a shop girl in Switzerland wouldn’t show her a $38,000 purse. (And, she’s only in this store five minutes.)

    The news hit and backfired. Lots of people thought the price tag gross. Others thought it was a shame to kill an innocent crocodile to make it into such an ugly purse.

    And,that’s one of the ways you take statements you hear on TV, to judge if the outcomes are possible. Or not.

    Hillary (and Oprah) probably get boosted up because feminists control some of the media doorways.

    Meanwhile, I’m putting money on Kerry. Because Harry Reid didn’t make friends with Hillary, either.

i don’t know why anyone is surprised by all this: Antisemitism has long been a staple belief in the east coast WASP “elite” that comprises what passes for political leadership in DC.

Lurch is just letting the mask slip a bit.

You want Kerry to talk about Benghazi? You want him to open a window on the secret court … where you can’t be told about this, or you’d face jail. Perhaps Kerry included?

The prisoners were released because Bibi saw a “benefit.” What was that, you might ask?

Well, Bibi can cry and scream to show how much pain he was in making this decision. He’ll tear the curtins! He’ll climb on boxes … and open his mouth … to show you the teeth that got pulled.

Sara will say he had sleepless nights.

Why is there a “revival of Oslo?” I dunno. But Shimon Peres is Israel’s “meeter and greeter.” Fine foods. Fine table. Best wines. And, NOBODY at all from the right.

As a matter of fact, there really is no right!

Give this time. You’ll catch on.

>>”Kerry, capitalizing on this anxiety…”

“Capitalizing on anxiety” may be the perfect motto of the modern Leftist State and Obama administration.

Kerry IS a horse-faced troll.

For a guy who consistently denied his Jewish roots, like Madelaine Halfbright, and claimed to be Irish to boot, well, can anyone believe his concern about the survivability of Israel and the Jewish people?

Seriously, who is dumber, this guy or Hillary Clinton.
What a pathetic time in US history. Simply pathetic.

And dangerous. We have to push back and save our nation.