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If only the NSA had spied on the Keystone Pipeline Project

If only the NSA had spied on the Keystone Pipeline Project

We might be hearing more about it.

Instead, the pipeline project has been lost in the flood of Obama scandals and diversions. Obama scoffs at the project only creating 50 permanent jobs — which is another “fact” just pulled out of his … ear.

Keystone will not be built while Obama is in office, even if by some miracle the State Department gets around to approving it. There will be regulatory delay and obfuscation.

What’s happening? Not much news, but Tim Scott did address the issue today, but it’s a voice in the media wilderness, via The Hill:

Republicans are seeking to regain the political offensive by exploiting divisions in the Democratic Party over President Obama’s energy policies.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) slammed Obama in the weekly GOP radio address Saturday over his administration’s reluctance to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, a project supported by many Senate Democrats.

“The president is so out of touch with unemployed Americans that he thinks tens of thousands of Keystone XL construction jobs are a ‘blip,’ and ‘not a jobs plan,’” Scott said.

Meanwhile, there is more and more evidence that the arguments against construction are politically contrived, Obama’s Keystone XL Rejection Could Aid Venezuelan Oil, Report Says:

A rejection of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the United States Gulf Coast would not only make environmentalists and clean energy advocates happy, but also one of the U.S.’ feistiest opponents in the hemisphere: Venezuela.

A new report by the energy analysis company IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA) stated that Venezuelan oil would be the biggest beneficiary if the U.S. State Department rejects the Keystone XL pipeline….

Besides the issue of jobs, greenhouse emissions from the proposed pipeline has weighed heavily over the decision-making process. In June, President Obama said that any emissions related to increased oil sands processing in the U.S. would weigh heavily on whether or not he ultimately approves Keystone XL.

The IHS CERA report, however, lined up with a survey by the U.S. State Department’s Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Keystone XL, which found oil sands production is expected to continue at similar levels regardless of whether Keystone XL goes forward or not. The report also stated that Venezuela’s greenhouse gas intensity is the same as that produced by the oil sands.


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It’s hard to tell from his career trajectory, but Tim Scott seems to be one of the good guys.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 10, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Despite everything you read about the Koch Brothers, left-wing billionaires are taking over our democracy. Many people know about the role that billionaires Soros, Herb Sandler and Peter Lewis have had in both electoral politics and funding think tanks and public policy front groups like The Center for American Progress, the Democracy Alliance, etc.

Now we’ve got billionaire environmental zealot Tom Steyer trying to stop Keystone and make energy policy an issue in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

I’ve said before that Colorado software mogul Tim Gill was probably the most influential person to get gay marriage legal where it is legal. He worked tirelessly under the radar for about 20 years spending small, sometimes even tiny, amounts of money to defeat legislators opposed to gay marriage and support candidates in favor of it in state elections around the country. He and his political front groups have been a significant player in every state that has legalized gay marriage.

Contrast Gill’s style of being secretive with multi-billionaire NYC mayor Bloomberg who is very openly flaunting his desire to change gun laws by spending big money in high profile ways to influence elections and restrict individual gun liberty.

The left always complains about money in politics. They are the worst offenders.

Over at REDDIT this morning is a “blurb” that NSA has fired 90% of its “sys admin.” Why? They want to prevent another Ed Snowden from going public.

So, I guess everyone who could read the data collected is now without a job.

And, you know how Ed Snowden collected all his data, don’t cha? Day by day he used another USB drive … And, stuffed it into his pocket.

Rather think Obama has given his administration a name: LOST DATA LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. While “all Carter lost” was iran.

I haven’t been following this story…what does Canada have to say about this?

By Canada, I mean the people that matter not the moronic internet fringe of Canadians.

With all the unrest going on in the Middle East, specifically Egypt who controls the Suez canal, you would think there would be a real priority to enhance the domestic ability for energy within this country. But, this has been on the burner since the 70’s and just like immigration reform/ border control is nothing but a talking point for politicians to get re-elected and then it’s forgotten. If the U.S. doesn’t get with it we are going to find ourselves in a worse economic situation than we did in 2008 due to sky rocketing gas prices due to inaction and complacency.