Maybe to thank them for building the gun that allowed him to lawfully defend himself against a brutal beating which put him in reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm?

Maybe, as is speculated, to check out tactical shotguns?

Maybe just because he is a private citizen who never has been convicted of anything, and is allowed to do it?

Maybe to show that he’s not intimidated by the mobs calling for harm to come of him?

Maybe to troll those following him around and watch his every move, like TMZ, which broke the story:

George Zimmerman was on the hunt today — for a shotgun … TMZ has learned.

Zimmerman went to Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company. We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.

The gun in question is a tactical shotgun, often used for home defense. It holds 12 rounds of 12 gauge shells.

Maybe all of the above?


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