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“First They Came For” Week at College Insurrection

“First They Came For” Week at College Insurrection

First they came for the “Israel Lobby,” but I didn’t speak out, because I didn’t want to be called an ISLAMOPHOBE!

Then they came for Florida Atlantic University, but I didn’t speak out, because it already tops the list of worst places to attend college:

Then they came for the phallic looking logo, but I didn’t speak out because, you know, feminism:

Then they came for the hook up culture, but I didn’t speak out, because you can’t take away my dreams:

Then they came for the journalism students, but I didn’t speak out, because not even journalism school grads read newspapers anymore:

Then they came for Obama’s legacy, but I didn’t speak out, because RACIST!

Then they came for the stogies, but I didn’t speak out because CANCER!

Then they came for privacy, but I didn’t speak out, because PRISM!

Then they came for free stuff, but I didn’t speak out, because JULIA FLUKE!

Then they came for credibility, but I didn’t speak out, because he can do the least damage in academia:

Then they came for the white privilege, but I didn’t speak out, because it doesn’t exist:

Then they came for the air conditioning, but I didn’t speak out, because I still got mine:

Then they came for the admissions officers, but I didn’t speak out, because the beast must be fed:

Then they came for the faculty, and there was no one left to speak for me:


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Wow, how to bum me out on a perfectly good Saturday morning, Prof! I think I’ll go open a vein…

Scarily stupid young people in that video. Indoctrinated since grade school no doubt. Notice how similar they sound, like automatons of agitprop, the phrases, inflections, the machine-like repetitions and certitude.

I’d enjoy seeing the trainwreck in their heads when you asked them to name the one and only country in the Middle East that offers full individual and political rights to all people, women, Arabs, gays, minorities.

Here’s a little experiment for the kiddies:

Stage gay pride parades in both Israel and the Gaza Strip and see who is more tolerant.

I’d recommend the first parade be in Israel, or you won’t get to finish your experiment.

Let the entire corrupt system burn, and since you’ll be the only one still standing, Wm, you’ll get the reform it all and make it right.

David R. Graham | August 17, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Theobald and Bateson used to point out that the viability of a system is proportional to the steady state of its internal differentials. Both employed Bateson’s famous – at the time, at least, and still with me – definition of information: a difference that makes a difference. If a system has no internal differences – say, of opinion, insight, financial holdings, aims, mental and physical abilities, tastes, preferences, etc. – it cannot maintain steady state and must collapse. If a system has too much of internal differences – say by unrelenting, un-self-critical assertions of these differences and these – it cannot maintain steady state and must collapse.

A system with no or chaotic differences does not produce information, which means it does not feedback and therefore cannot adjust or adapt. It is blind both internally and externally. Thus, such a system collapses.

Separation of governmental powers and checks and balances therein and thereon are an effort to keep internal differences occurring so that a political system can maintain steady state viability.

Our precious progressives – unitarians and universalists all – want to eliminate differences. OK, perhaps one should step aside and let them to it. Let them gain speed, mass and energy and think themselves in glory land so that when they hit reality – which they cannot see – they mush up totally, rather than partially, by flying out over the chasm or roaring straight into the flood. Maybe they should be encouraged rather than opposed.

Thought two: “racism” is used now the way “witchcraft” was then. Eliminate differences. Maybe one should stand aside and let them.

Back in the 1950’s, when movies couldn’t be shown without receiving something called “THE BREEN” approval rating … William Holden was featured in a film with Audrey Hepburn.

The scene takes place in the back of a taxicab. Both had arrived at the same split second, for their ride “downtown.” (Uptown was Harlem. And, they weren’t going there.)

Anyway, at some point Holden, being flirty, asks Heburn if she’s a virgin. And, the “BREEN OFFICE” went nuts.

The other “rule” I remember from long ago had to do with “I LOVE LUCY.” She and Dezi were married in real life. And, they were playing a couple on TV. Ah. But you couldn’t see a bedroom scene unless the beds were twin beds.

So, yeah. There’s always some form of “adult supervision” that doesn’t stand the test of time.

In today’s world? The media pundits are dead. Walter Winchell is dead. Cronkite is dead. TV is dead. The dead trees aren’t needed anymore to print newspapers; because they go un-read.

Of course, the Internet’s produced its own rule: Can’t write paragraphs. Gotta stay within 140 character limit.

And, still, like headlines of old, the real news circulates round and round.

Google went dark for two minutes, yesterday! Half the world went into convulsions. And, then? Someone at Google stuck the plug back into the socket.

As to Obama, he’s the president who represents the Pinocchio story. The Kenyan woodblock whose nose keeps growing longer and longer.

Sometimes those old stories remain the best ones told. And, we tell them to children!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I was a graduate of FAU in 1976. After the recent idiocy of the professor who demanded students stomp on Jesus’ name, I informed them to remove me from the roles of the college and never contact me again. I further informed them that I would henceforth recommend to all my students that they not attend FAU. I know it’s not much, but it is all I could do.