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“Every single one of them has blood on his hands”

“Every single one of them has blood on his hands”

I was interviewed this morning by Lee Rayburn of WHCU 870 AM in Ithaca.

The topic was the release of prisoners by Israel and the Middle East Peace Process.


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A one-sided “peace” is no peace at all.

The only way that Israel will have peace with the Palestinians is when the majority of Palestinians want peace with Israel. What does that mean in practice?

It means that it is up to the Palestinians to decide whether or not peace will occur. Israel should not talk to any professed leader of the Palestinians until a referendum of the majority of Palestinians expresses a desire for peace. The ball is entirely in the Palestinians hands. Until that time, Israel is justified in responding to any threats to the nation’s existence or security.

Hmm… look on the bright side. Israel is now spared the expense of 3 hots and cot for these vermin.

When these cockroaches go back to their previous ways, and they will, Israel will have ZERO reason to ‘rearrest’ them… their next encounter with Israel should be a Hellfire missile.

Hopefully the cost of Kerry’s diplomatic ‘magic’ won’t be too high for the average Israeli, that’s the obvious downside to it all.

BannedbytheGuardian | August 14, 2013 at 10:30 pm

It must hurt.

At best a chance it could be throwing the cat back among the pigeons. Many are Pre Hamas & Pre Fatah & these will be expecting some reward eg jobs influence health care & be fed housed as martyrs.

It is very competitive & the terrorists on the rise will not be accommodating longer than a few months.

Capital punishment has its advantages. It’s not like these scum bums will be reformed.

Israel needs to decide which is more valuable: life or “peace” because it is clear that she will not have both in th MidEast. When her government makes that decision, it’s actions and words to the world body will change.

If Israel wants life, it will run the risk of ostracism by the world body nosing full well that Israelis are more productive than their neighbors. Let the world go on record as condemning Jews to death for refusing to be slaughtered by Muslims.

If Israel wants peace, then the solution is simple. Give the Muslims and the world what they want: die.

Muslims will find that when they decide they are willing to accept Israel and also that they acknowledge that Jews have the right to live too, they will then find a willing partner in peace with Israel.

As things stand now, Arabs will not find peace because they only want the peace of the dead, not that of the living, and Israel will have to continue its struggle against the idiocy of the Islamic culture!

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Doug Wright. | August 15, 2013 at 7:20 am

    This will never happen for it is contrary to Islam to accept that anyone but Muslims should live: Convert, pay jizya, or die.

May they all have had GPS chips inserted into them without their knowledge, and may they all die painfully slow deaths in the future when they are hunted down.

Hope springs eternal.

Israel has been facing a hostile State Department since Eisenhower’s time.

Bibi has made a “political bet” that Kerry will be around a lot longer than the next election cycle. (In Mark Liebovich’s book, OUR TOWN, he sets out how strong Harry Reid really is. And, how Reid twisted Kerry’s arm, back in 2005, to “abdicate from a re-run in 2008. He had Kerry made this announcement on the floor of the Senate, so that Obama could run.

For Bibi “strengthening Abass’ hand” looks like a very bad idea! But Obama did fling the USA into a stance against Israel. And, if you notice, the whole Mideast is turning into one disaster after another for the USA. Throw in Afghanistan and Irak … and you see the problems pre-date Obama.

Now Egypt’s erupting. And, the only horse Obama wants to embrace is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Syria also did not work out as expected. We’re pouring oodles of money into Jordan, with training facilities, ordnance and “what not” … just so Obama can call a “no fly” zone over Syria.

Maybe, “no fly” just means Obama will put his pants on bakcwards?

Bibi was probably terrified that if he didn’t take “steps” to appease Kerry … the USA would have come out at full tilt against Israel. (Where this threat looms at the UN. And, the USA is just not being led well.) Not in any area! We’ve got a military full of doofuses.

The singular benefit is that all the actors on the stage(s) are OLD. What comes up next I have no idea.

While Ehud Barak just ran to court and threw down a glove on Gabi Ashkenazi, who was NOT named head of the IDF. So, yes. Politics infests military matters as well.

With the only “bright spot” being that future wars won’t look anything like wars fought before.

Even without a “two state” solution … the arabs don’t mix well. Including the fact that they’re so tribal they don’t even mix well with each other.

Meanwhile, Israel did learn how to stop the daily terror Arafat was inflicting. Again, not by war. But by walls. There are walls now across the Negev (to stop the flow of African refugees.) And, there’s a wall being extended up in the Golan. With only about 30 miles more of “advanced fencing” to be put into place.

Israel has good eyes and ears. Bibi, meanwhile is trying to finesse Obama, without having the USA call our Israel as “being the cause of the problem.” (That’s like asking Oprah to lose weight.)

Since there is no apparent quid pro quo, no deal on the table, and no popularity in Israel for the release, it must be pressure from the Obama regime that made Bibi turn them loose. Perhaps it is the price of ending the pressure from Obama on settlements in Jerusalem.

Or for Obama’s acquiescence in an Iran strike?

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