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Deceptive Trayvon Martin Shooting Reenactment Video Released

Deceptive Trayvon Martin Shooting Reenactment Video Released

Via Amanda Turkel at Huffington Post comes news that The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released a video “reenactment” of the shooting of Trayvon Martin in order to encourage people to oppose “Stand Your Ground Laws”:

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has released a chilling new online ad reenacting the night Travyon Martin was killed, in an effort to stop the controversial Stand Your Ground laws nationwide.

The nonprofit group uses actual audio from the 911 calls that shooter George Zimmerman and a witness made that night in Sanford, Fla. After the sound of a gunshot, people in hoodies are seen lying on the ground, and the names are displayed of the more than 20 states that have Stand Your Ground laws in place.

The group has also launched a website and a petition asking people to urge their state lawmakers to “oppose this immoral legislation.”

“‘Stand Your Ground’ laws have essentially legalized murder. With this PSA, we hope to add to the nationwide push to repeal these immoral laws,” said CSGV Communications Director Ladd Everitt.

The video is highly deceptive, and nothing more than a continuation of the propaganda campaign about the case.

Had they felt any affinity for the truth, they might have mentioned Martin’s emerging from the darkness to fell Zimmerman with a blow the neighborhood watch volunteer never saw coming, a blow that hit with such force that it broke Zimmerman’s nose, and which he described to police that same night as feeling as if he had been hit by a brick.

Had they felt any affinity for the truth, they might have mentioned Zimmerman’s many and numerous injuries about the head and face, especially those caused by Martin striking Zimmerman’s head on a cement sidewalk, with any single blow capable of being the one that turned Zimmerman into a drooling vegetable or simply taking his life.

Had they felt any affinity for the truth, they might have mentioned Martin’s long record of school violence, his engagement in street fighting, his apparent drug use, his apparent gun dealing, and his self-expressed desire to beat his victims until they had suffered “enough”.

Had they felt any affinity for the truth, they might have mentioned Zimmerman’s long history of affectionate and communal relationship with black neighbors throughout his life, from his childhood to the present day, or indeed Zimmerman’s own mixed-race background.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence tried for decades, under various guises and name changes, to seize the guns of law-abiding citizens. They failed. They tried to limit the right of the citizenry to carry arms for personal protection, they failed.

By demanding a legal duty to retreat from a felonious attacker they weaken the position of the law-abiding armed citizen who sought no fight and strengthen the hand of the felony criminal who possessed all the power to choose when, where, and how to launch his vicious attack, robbery, or rape of his intended victim.

Here is a screenshot from the video, purporting to show that the law should protect victims.

Trayvon Martin Reenactment - Coalition To Stop Gun Violence screenshot

In fact, the law does protect victims.  Victims like George Zimmerman, who didn’t have to suffer brain injury or death before he could defend himself with deadly force.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer in his third decade of practice, an attorney member of the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, and a Guest Instructor on the Law of Self Defense at the Sig Sauer Academy. He is the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition”.

Andrew conducts Law of Self Defense Seminars all around the country, and he has also launched a series of LOSD State-Specific Supplements that dive deep into every relevant statute, jury instruction, and court case that defines the law of self-defense in a particular state.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter on @LawSelfDefense and using #LOSD2, on Facebook, and at his blog, The Law of Self Defense.


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Reality is for people who can’t handle progressivism.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to myiq2xu. | August 21, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Yep and Progressivism is what happens when people can’t handle reality.

    Leftists have no affinity for truth, as Andrew Branca said.

    The Bible says “the truth is far from them.”

    Evidence, reality, truth, logic, common sense and even the rule of law are rejected by these people as they cling to their bizarre, destructive actions and ideology.

    Obama and Holder completely disregard the law in ram-rodding their agendas and in doing so, have been systematically pillaging, destroying our country (morally, economically, legally) as effectively as any barbarian horde could do.

    Groklaw founder Pamela Jones (in the Mandy Nagy article above this one) noted this disregard for the beauty and security of the law and civilization’s dependence upon it, in her resignation from the internet.

      Sharpshooter in reply to Uncle Samuel. | August 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm

      The Bible says “the truth is far from them.”

      Evidence, reality, truth, logic, common sense and even the rule of law are rejected by these people as they cling to their bizarre, destructive actions and ideology.
      Nice contradiction there – Bible, and truth, logic, evidence…

The Narrative was correct, but the facts were wrong.

    The following remarks are attributed to Sarah Brady, President of Handgun Control, Inc., to Senator Howard Metzenbaum, as reported in The National Educator, January, 1994, Page 3:
    “Our main agenda is to have all guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort the facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”

    The authenticity of this quotation is in dispute. (an information resources site for Heckler & Koch firearms enthusiasts) explains: “[This] appears to be accurate to the extent that National Educator ran the quote. The nature and accuracy of their source is a matter of some debate. However, neither Brady nor Metzenbaum appear to have denied the statement or accused the National Educator of libel.”

    My opinion: Sarah Brady may or may not have actually said or written this. But I have no doubt that the left’s gun control zealots fully support the ideas expressed in this quotation. Andrew Branca’s post is powerful evidence that the left is willing to use whatever means possible, including distorting the facts and even lying, in order to get guns banned.

Over at YouTube:

“Comments are disabled for this video.”

    seeing_eye in reply to myiq2xu. | August 19, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    Now why in the world would they have disabled the comments? Don’t they want to know what people think of their artwork?

      Squires in reply to seeing_eye. | August 21, 2013 at 1:40 am

      Ratings are also disabled. Might there be a connection? I’ll have to wait until NPR reports on this to know what to think. I like the smart-sounding voices they use on air. It makes me feel like I’m smart too, just for listening to them. They do “concerned voice” and “quietly intellectual hush” especially well.

    Shane in reply to myiq2xu. | August 19, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Comments are up now.

More liars for George Zimmerman to sue.

Go to the video at Youtube and flag it. It is erroneous misleading, it should be flagged. Enough flags, it will get pulled.

Henry Hawkins | August 19, 2013 at 8:46 pm

Surely we’re not suggesting that rewriting history is part and parcel of the progressive agenda?

Is there a reason the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence isn’t interested in trying to Stop Gun Violence in places where random gun violence by criminals is actually a big problem? Like, in Chicago?

When someone is bashing your head against the ground you must take it and like it until death do you in. This is a lesson that Zimmerman clearly did not receive and that’s why he committed a civil rights violation or something.

That said, was Rosa Parks the most famous proponent of the Stand Your Ground principle? Not that it has anything whatsoever to do with Martin’s felonious assault of Zimmerman. Still, Zimmerman would have been following a proud tradition if the circumstances were different. As it was, he was forced to save himself from suffering grievous or even mortal harm at the hands of an opponent with superior strength, skill, and opportunity.

    Shane in reply to n.n. | August 19, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    @n.n, I understand your sentiment, but it isn’t helpful to misconstrue Stand Your Ground. Rosa Parks did indeed stand her ground in the euphemistic sense, but not in relation to the law of the same name. Please don’t conflate the two, because it causes the uninformed to not understand the true nature of what is at stake.

      n.n in reply to Shane. | August 19, 2013 at 10:13 pm

      They are based on the same principle with different justifications. There is a difference, but one of degrees.

      In any case, it is not relevant to this incident, other than it is denigrated by opportunistic individuals.

Affinity for the TRUTH?

They can’t handle the truth.

So they make up lies. To assuage their inner knowledge of their lack of self discipline, self respect and self awareness.

Those that wish to demonize someone due to their skin color are . . well, racists.

The screams on the audio (heard in court) belong to Zimmerman.

There’s a strong government (fascist) alignment with the media. And, they’re doing this by waving around black hysteria.

In a few days Sherrie (Zimmerman’s wife) is due in court because the state is lying that she didn’t tell the judge (at the bail hearing) that there was $200,000 in the Paypal account’s defense fund.

All Sherrie said was that “she didn’t know the number.” And, the State DROPPED her next remarks to the judge … that George’s older brother Robert knew. And, she could provide a phone number. BDLR’s lies will NOT get exposed!

We’re living in a very freaky world. But we do have the Internet. The one thing, so far, that can’t be stifled. Probably because illiterates can’t read. And, they’re less likely to follow a blog written by a law professor.

So it goes.

Moon battery and delusional against common sense.

The creator of this video, as well as the Vietnamese artist who created the blatant lie in the mural displayed at Florida’s state capitol, are playing upon the emotions of gullible people. “Artwork” such as this influence those who base their opinions solely on their emotions as opposed to those who form their opinions on facts. From what I’ve seen a good portion of the people are of the “emotional” type, but I believe they are not the majority.

    VetHusbandFather in reply to seeing_eye. | August 19, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    I’m curious if GZ could sue this group and the Vietnamese artist for defamation. They have both created depictions of the event that are blatantly contrary to the facts of the case.

    Valerie in reply to seeing_eye. | August 19, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    I think the “artwork” should be called what it is — an admission that the truth is not compelling support for what the artist wants to say, and so the “artist” employs a lie. Hamas does this, too.

    Mention Hamas.

Despicable. Total bullshit. Made GZ look like Usain Bolt with a gun hidden behind his back. Ok, I will not curse anymore…

    This Australian is on a mission. Remember Chris Lane, shot in the back by at least one black teenager.

    It is white Australians who have something to fear from these blacks.

      Estragon in reply to Aussie. | August 20, 2013 at 2:17 pm

      Well, you need to go enlighten your progressive countryman over at The Atlantic. He is blaming the incident on the state’s failure to create healthy communities with fun and games for youth.

      He’s also threatening to withdraw Australian energy business from Oklahoma, although I suspect his only contact with the petroleum industry is in lubricants. Someone suggested they could try someplace with the strict gun laws they like, such as Chicago.

        There was an American stabbed to death in Sydney a few months ago. Remember all the outraged articles and commentary from even former Vice Presidents about how Australia needed to outlaw knives, and control their knife culture, and we should boycott them and all? Yeah, me neither.

        I love all the hyperventilating that this is proof that Americans need to be “shamed into” enhanced background checks… because obviously, 15 and 16 year old kids illegally riding around with illegal guns and illegally murdering people wouldn’t have done any of that had adult law-abiding gun buyers &/or CCW holders been subject to stricter background checks. And it’s the NRA’s fault, too! Um?

        Australia is a pretty cool place, but really, they’re so retarded when it comes to guns. Tim Fischer, the former Deputy PM calling for the boycott of America over this, is no screaming Lefty but a member of their Nationals party, and therefore nominally a “conservative”. And it was a conservative PM, John Howard, sensible in most other regards, who sent police door-to-door to take law-abiding citizens’ guns off them in the big gun grab of 1996.

        For a nation of convicts, they’ve certainly gotten pretty pussified.

          I do not remember hearing about an American being stabbed to death.

          When there are stabbings you will actually see me ask the question about banning knives.

          Then again, since a woman was killed because she was hit in the right spot by someone wielding a kettle (it was her fault because she was a nasty person but that is another story), I would also call for the banning of kettles because they can be used as a murder weapon 🙂

          I have pointed out the obvious many times – most of the gunshot victims are people involved in organised crime. The weapons used most of the time are in fact illegal.

          Australia has a problem with “gun running”. The bikie gangs have illegal weapons and they have been busy killing each other. Hardly a day or night goes by when there is not another shooting ending in death or at least a house sprayed with bullets.

          Most of the murders over here are from other means: knives, kettles, pokers, panty hose, other forms of ligatures, and poisons. There are many ways to kill people. We also have a lot of deaths and injury caused by that one punch, including a former cricketer.

          I remain in favour of people being allowed to legally possess firearms.

          BTW the worst ever story that I have read concerns that of a woman who was attacked by a stranger in her mother’s home. She was stabbed 31 times by the intruder. She survived to tell her tale. When I read her story, I got to thinking about how the owning of a gun for protection might have been useful that night!!

          Amy, I think some of your comments are unjustified. For clarification, I also come from convict stock, a great-great-grandmother who was sent to Hobart Town because she stole clothing. The man she married in Van Dieman’s land was a soldier!!

          First of all, you need to recognize that Australians have never been gung ho about possessing firearms. We do not share your history and therefore have never had the same kind of attachment.

          That being said, I do think that you are picking up the wrong vibes. Tim Fischer is now an ex-politician. His thoughts on the subject are somewhat strange considering he came from the National Party and he is a farmer!! In fact I doubt too many Australians pay attention to anything he has to say these days.

          It is wrong to call Australians pussy just because we are not gun owners. A lot of us also believe in the right to own or possess legal guns.

          What needs clarification here is that Australians were shell-shocked several years ago by the deaths of more than 30 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania. Port Arthur is in fact the location of a penal facility that was used for the worst of the convicts back in the 19th century. The methods used in some parts of Port Arthur were in fact quite chilling at least to someone like myself. After the Port Arthur massacre, perpetrated by Martin Bryant we had a gun buy back scheme and a lot of people surrendered their guns. However, over the years the number of guns that are legally possessed has risen once again. I should point out that the Hoddle Street massacre committed by Julian Knight came before Martin Bryant went on his rampage.

          What you have failed to understand is that currently in Sydney and Melbourne (although in Sydney it is much worse than in Melbourne) we have seen an upsurge in gang related deaths via the use of ILLEGAL firearms. There is hardly a day goes by without either a drive-by shooting or someone being gunned down. One victim survived the first attack but was killed on the second attack!! It must be noted that this violence is gang related – Hells Angels vs. Comancheros.

          Something else that you need to consider before making such comments is that just like in the USA, the leftists have control of our media. As a result they are constantly promoting the anti-gun possession schtick. This was obvious when the news leaked out about the Zimmerman case. The Australian media were not fair in their reporting except in a few cases where people bothered to report the truth. In fact the Australian media kept on using pictures of Traydemark when he was about 14 years old rather than the picture of the teen who was killed. They never even mentioned that Traydemark was bashing up George Zimmerman at the point where he was shot.

          We are heading for a change in government. When that happens the emphasis will be on gun running… that is looking for and rounding up the illegal guns, not those that are legally held.

          I have always been quick to point out when there has been a murder where the weapon is a knife… and will often make the remark that with all these murders by knife maybe knives should be banned. The fact is a lot of us do understand that it is not the weapon but the person who is intent upon committing murder that is the real problem.

          Oh yes, I should point out that a lot of deaths are caused by a knock-out or a bunch of fives. These might not be as prevalent as the gun deaths at the moment but there are certainly a lot of deaths caused by someone punching out someone else. Maybe we should ban the use of “fists and arms”?

        I do not know of any Australian writing for the Atlantic.

        @Estrogen I do not read the Atlantic, and have no idea who that writer might be. Unfortunately Australia has a number of left-wing idiots in the media.

        When I heard the news about the murder of Chris Lane, there was some interesting interaction between my husband and myself. I was thinking “I bet the murderers were black”. He was thinking along other lines as in “good old boys”. He was willing to blame whites and legal gun owners for the crime. In the meantime I wanted to know more about the identity of the perpetrators. I am now satisfied that my own thoughts were correct. They were polar bear hunting.

        If one is to blame anyone in the USA then that blame should be sheeted to the likes of Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, and 2Js, as well as Crump, Parkes and NastyNatJac

        Uncle Samuel in reply to Estragon. | August 21, 2013 at 7:41 am

        What’s wrong with the Black Community is creepy crack-ass parents who do not know how to parent and are too busy doing and selling crack/meth/heroin, etc. and having sex and making more welfare-dependent baby mamas to care.

Trayvon Martin’s name on Twitter was “No Limits Nigga.” to honor his sacred memory, that is the only way to refer to him.

‘Had they any affinity for the truth’, they would not be who they are.

Can Zimmerman sue for Defamation?

Because of this video, I’m not going to raise $100,000,000 for him.

Solely due to the video.

Just posted at You Tube~
Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you:

Issue reported:

Spam or misleading > Misleading text

Timestamp selected:


Additional details:

whole vid is out of context with facts on record, IOW it is MISLEADING ON ITS FACE

    VetHusbandFather in reply to wooster343. | August 20, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Issue reported:
    Violent or repulsive content > Youth violence
    Timestamp selected:
    Additional details:
    An abhorrent video that misrepresents images of dead children for political agenda. Uses images of dead children to argue for ‘Stand your Ground Laws’ making it appear that George Zimmerman killed several youths using the Stand Your Ground defense. Facts of the case show he used a standard Self Defense Argument.

What a complete crock of poop! I’d like to see a video with some strollers knocked over, and some little 13 month old kids laying dead on the ground, and a picture of the “boys” who do stuff like that.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Propaganda by leftists for consumption by liberals, street types and other useful idiots.

Chris Lane, and Australian citizen from Melbourne (my home town) was shot in the back by three teenagers in Duncan Oklahoma. The boy who pulled the trigger was 16 years old.

Chris Lane is a white man. It turns out the perpetrators who were on a thrill killing were 2 black and one white.

Chris Lane was jogging as he normally does and the three decided after seeing him, that he would be their victim.

The crime sounds very racist to me. It is a crime against an Australian who was on a baseball scholarship to the USA.

There was no interaction between Chris Lane and the boys who murdered him. The boys were caught because they intended killing another boy, and that boy’s mother called for help. The murder weapon and the bullets were found inside the car, under the bonnet.

The Zimmerman case is a far cry from the case involving the death of Chris Lane. George Zimmerman did not know Trayvon Martin, but the real difference is the actual ineraction, and of course George was being beaten when he finally pulled out the gun and pulled the trigger.

If these people are real about gun violence then they need to start doing something about illegal gun ownership By far, the majority of murders via gunshot occur because people possess illegal guns, rather than being legal gun owners. There are of course exceptions to the rule.

As well as the Chris Lane case I draw attention again to the case of the baby that was shot and killed. The perpetrator is trying to push blame onto the mother. The baby was in his pram and he was the innocent victim of yet another person carrying an illegal gun.

    Shane in reply to Aussie. | August 20, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Thank you @Aussie for understanding that it is an issue of illegal guns, not just guns. It is hard sometimes for people that aren’t from here to understand that.

      Estragon in reply to Shane. | August 20, 2013 at 2:20 pm

      It is difficult for foreigners to understand, I have the same problem with some good friends from Europe.

      They all also have a problem understanding that when we want their advice on how to run our country, we are perfectly capable of asking for it, and that no one forces them to come here, ever.

      Shane, Australia has a very big problem with illegal guns!!! I think that is why I do understand the nature of the issue.

      Australia is one country where we do not have an attachment to the ownership of guns. Yet, almost every day there is a gun-related murder. In the majority of these cases, they are people associated with criminal bikie gangs and most are of Middle Easter origin. Sydney has an extreme problem and Melbourne is not much better.

        Uncle Samuel in reply to Aussie. | August 21, 2013 at 7:46 am

        STATISTICS SHOW THAT THE INCREASE OF LEGAL GUN OWNERSHIP DECREASES GUN VIOLENCE and that the right of possession of guns on college campuses decreases assaults, rapes, etc.

        Britain’s crime and murder rate went UP when guns were illegal.

        Get the facts, not the propaganda/fiction.

          Home invasions are about twice as common in Australia as in America, and rapes are nearly three times more common.

          It’s handy — for criminals — when the State guarantees them that their victims aren’t going to be able to fight back.

          Again Amy your comments are off the mark. I doubt the home invasions have anything to do with the ownership of guns.

          Rapes, especially brutal rapes are in fact quite rare in Australia. Yes, it happens, but in most situations the ownership of a gun or concealed carry would not have helped.

          I will refer you to the case of the rape and murder of Jill Meagher who was an Irish national. She was walking home from a local hotel very late at night. The man who nabbed her was a known offender. The latest about that case, or at least the perpetrator is that the parole board had erred by allowing him to remain on the streets after he had violated his parole. Then Jill Meagher, who was in a drunken stupor at the time, was nabbed, taken off in a car, raped and murdered. In that case who is to blame? Well, I think it was the parole board because they failed to do their duty in a responsible way.

          The possession of a firearm would not have saved Jill’s life because she would have been too drunk to do anything.

          There is only one recent case where I have thought that maybe a gun would have been a good idea, and that is when I read the story of a woman who had been stabbed 31 times by an intruder that had entered her mother’s house. It was the only time where I had wondered if she had a gun, and she had it with her after hearing a noise, then would she have endured such a vicious attack.

There’s another way to weigh news. And, that’s to see if the story has legs. It doesn’t seem Trayvon stories go anywhere anymore.

This one doesn’t go anywhere.

And, for people who come here (and/or) followed the trial’s events … think anything about the state’s case was competent.

I’m surprised the most that no one talks about Dr. Bao.

How was the press able to suppress Dr. Bao’s outrageous testimony? Who can forget:

I don’t remember.

I was probably there at the autopsy but as soon as it’s over I forget.

I don’t do hands because I’d need cameras on the ceiling.

It’s not my job.

Ask the supervisor.

And, I saw another case where a dead man lived about ten minutes after he got shot in the heart. No, I didn’t do the autopsy. (Which is probably why I remember it.)

Tell me, how do you define “expert” testimony?

    MouseTheLuckyDog in reply to Carol Herman. | August 20, 2013 at 3:06 am

    You forget the biggest one of all.

    West: “If you don’t take pictures, how can anyone review your findings? ”
    “I’m in charge. I did the autopsy. I know more about this autopsy then anyone else.”
    “And you don’t remember anything.”
    “That’s right.”

    The idiot didn’t even know that he was eviscerated.

    One has to wonder when he was being interviewed for the job if anyone asked if he knew the meaning of the word forensic.

    Does he still have his job?

      Unfortunately yes, that tool still has a job, but the poor IT guy that found the hidden/deleted pictures on TM’s phone is now without a job.

      healthguyfsu in reply to MouseTheLuckyDog. | August 21, 2013 at 1:26 pm

      I actually think Bao took means to protect himself from either side and that’s why his testimony was so strange.

      Corey and gang would have railed him out of town if he had told the truth and he also wasn’t willing to tell whatever lies they wanted him to tell. He’s not as stupid as he appeared in court JMO.

    Don’t fear, his expert testimony is subject to hourly revision…

MouseTheLuckyDog | August 20, 2013 at 3:34 am

Is there any news about the sanctions hearing?
I really want to see BDLR examined by MOM.

Man, the gun-grabbers have absolutely no shame. None. Zero. Friggin’ Sergei Eisenstein had more integrity. You know, instead of a bunch of dead hoodie wearing people, they should have just shown piles of dead puppies and kittens. You know, so they can really pull out those ol’ heartstrings.

I mean the anti-gun people don’t have statistics, nor facts, nor popular support on their side, so I guess they’ll just dust off the emotional appeals. Crying women and dramatic music will save their cause, right?

We all know Stand Your Ground wasn’t even used in the Zimmerman case. But hey, everyone’s being whipped into a racial frenzy over the case anyway, so they’ll just use it too! And why not strain race relations a little bit further by pushing part of the prosecution’s failed narrative? Heck, why not just show a pic of Martin Luther King’s dead body while they’re at it. Anything to rile people up…


    Uncle Samuel in reply to Yukio Ngaby. | August 21, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Just like Crump/Parks/NJackson/Julison, Fulton, Martin, Sharpton, JJackson, Obama and Holder have no shame, no affinity or respect for truth, the law, evidence, reality.

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JimMtnViewCaUSA | August 20, 2013 at 10:14 am

Comparing Trayvon and Jaron.
Maybe it is tasteless to use the dead to make a political point (though Progs do it all the time), but the difference is striking.

What is interesting is how the video ends with how we need to “protect the victims”. Since when is the person who attacks me with the intent to harm or rob me a victim because I chose to protect myself? It would seem that the idea to push back on SYG laws is in actuality an attempt to provide criminals with more rights and to leave the real victims with less to defend themselves. It would be most interesting to see if these people who are pushing back on SYG laws would change their minds if they underwent an assault.

If the left could not use lies and deception, they would have no arguments at all.

That applies to the Zimmerman case as well as to pretty much the entire Obama Administration.

also flagged it. What a crock of steaming feces.


I’m curious on your take on a facet of this story.

Is it better for this guy that his wife called 911 or for him to have done it?

[hoping it’s not a “it depends” answer]

It would seem to me- the less of your voice and interactions a prosecutor has to work with, the better. However I get that there is an upside in self defense of having the state of mind to call it in.

    Andy in reply to Andy. | August 21, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    …and I get that in this case, defending his home and family is a no-brainer…in most states.

    Well, it depends. (Ha-ha.)

    Really any benefits one way or the other are incidental to the vital point that SOMEONE actually called promptly.

    It’s kind of like asking if it’s better to shoot someone (in self-defense) with a 45 or 9 or 22–far more important than the caliber is the shot placement. A .22 is arguably more lethal than either of the two larger calibers–eventually. But when the point is to stop the bad guy NOW! there’s something to be said for a bigger hole . . . in the right place.

    If the user of defensive force limits himself to the 5 key things to say to the police following a defensive force shooting, it really doesn’t matter all that much if it’s him or his wife who makes the call.

    In any case, as you say, a shooting of this type in one’s own home by an escaped prisoner, no racial element, no “yute” element, for an aggressive prosecutor to latch onto, there’s little they could have done to put themselves in legal jeopardy.

    Oh, I suppose if they’d merely wounded and incapacitated the intruder, then admitted to having “finished him off” after he was no longer a threat, that would make things awkward, but I suspect any such admission would fail to find itself into the responding officers’ notes, and would be unlikely to be repeated after they were appropriately admonished. 🙂

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

[…] a more detailed takedown of the video, see Legal Insurrection (h/t […]

[…] IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE, SO WHAT THE HECK: LETS LIE OUR ASSES OFF! The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has never allowed the truth to stop them in their efforts to deprive the law-abiding of the Second Amendment rights, and like carrion eaters everywhere (see Rahm Emmanuel and Barack Obama), they see the Zimmerman case as just such an opportunity.  Legal Insurrection has the embedded video. […]