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“Completely Out of Patience” Week at College Insurrection

“Completely Out of Patience” Week at College Insurrection

That would be me.

T-shirt idea:  “We engaged in institutional racism to fight white privilege, and all we got was more white privilege”:

T-shirt idea: “We threw money at the U.S. News rankings, and all we got were these lousy retention rates”:

I say we just stall the problem:

In other news, Georgetown Law to rename itself “Legal Institute for Pathetic Analogies”:

We called it Pine Mattress back in the day:

Vassar?  Buhler? Vassar? Buhler?

It’s called “The Internet” for a reason, dufus:

What about all that “shared sacrifice” we keep hearing about?

Fine, then you work for free:

Bigfoot? Really?

Math used to be hard, but hard is unfair:

Well, this should help keep the bubble from bursting:

Breaking News – Small liberal arts colleges no longer love natural selection:

Pass the popcorn!

I never met a wacko bird I didn’t like:

How does it feel? To be on your own, like a rolling stone?

Indiana Tech opened a law school? WTH?

Water is wet! Read all about it. Water is wet!

And now we juxtapose:


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Somebody sure returned from vacation ready to do battle, his scathing wit batteries recharged.

The combining math with social justice is not now. Friend of Bill Ayers, Eric “Rico” Gutstein has had that vision for a while. But the actual implementation of the poorly understood Common Core K-12 standards puts a premium on affectively “engaging” the students through “real world problems” so that provides quite the opening for the social justice and Gaia has a temp projects. It also requires group activities instead of lectures and really disdains mental work as not equitable.

Because doing the project IS the so-called assessment, the objective tests that used to show up the ill effects of this sociocultural emphasis are going away. Obama prefunded that in the 2009 Stimulus Act to the tune of more than $400 million.

“I never met a wacko bird I didn’t like”

I would totally buy that t-shirt.

Welcome back, Dr.J..!

May a Fan make a suggestion? Bring Neo-Neocon back for more posts kinda semi-regular. She’s a great fit with you and perfect for your fine site. (*Full Disclosure: I discovered you through her site a year+ ago.*)

As the ‘kids’ say..”Just saying…” (-:

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