That would be me.

T-shirt idea:  “We engaged in institutional racism to fight white privilege, and all we got was more white privilege”:

T-shirt idea: “We threw money at the U.S. News rankings, and all we got were these lousy retention rates”:

I say we just stall the problem:

In other news, Georgetown Law to rename itself “Legal Institute for Pathetic Analogies”:

We called it Pine Mattress back in the day:

Vassar?  Buhler? Vassar? Buhler?

It’s called “The Internet” for a reason, dufus:

What about all that “shared sacrifice” we keep hearing about?

Fine, then you work for free:

Bigfoot? Really?

Math used to be hard, but hard is unfair:

Well, this should help keep the bubble from bursting:

Breaking News – Small liberal arts colleges no longer love natural selection:

Pass the popcorn!

I never met a wacko bird I didn’t like:

How does it feel? To be on your own, like a rolling stone?

Indiana Tech opened a law school? WTH?

Water is wet! Read all about it. Water is wet!

And now we juxtapose:


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